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Fantasy Winners & Losers: Heatley Trade Impact

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heatley-winnaI realize that the Dany Heatley trade happened a few days ago, but it took me a few days to comprehend and analyze all the different situations that the Sharks and Senators could find themselves with come October. Therefore, on the morning that Heatley is expected to have his Visa ready and report to Sharks’ camp, I will present to you the winners and losers of the summer-ending trade and how the trade will fantastically impact each player.


Heatley gets a fresh start with a very successful regular season NHL franchise. He inherits Joe Thornton and Devin Setoguchi as linemates and a very very good powerplay.

Fantastically: Is Thornton a better play maker than Jason Spezza? Maybe slightly. If Heatley and Thornton can click like he did with Spezza in their heyday, Heatley is guaranteed 50 goals (is 60 goals possible?). He could also flirt with 100 points, if Thornton can put a few pucks in the net; however, he hasn’t scored 30 goals since 2003.


He is not a loser because he has the nerdiest laugh in North America, but because he lost a friend and a perennial 50 goal scorer. On the bright side, he did get married this summer.Good for him.

In return, he is set to lineup with Jonathan Cheechoo, which was revealed yesterday. Cheechoo once scored 56 goals with San Jose, but since then, has not produced at the same rate. Last season, Cheechoo only registered 12 goals and 29 points.

Fantastically: Spezza is still one of the league’s best passers and play makers, but without a reliable left winger to dish to, his assist numbers should fall a bit. He still has Daniel Alfredsson/Alexei Kovalev on his other wing, but replacing Heatley with Cheechoo hurts. He scored 30+ goals for the third straight year last season and will need to repeat that number in order for him to justify his fantasy standing.


Possibly the biggest winner of the trade is Joe Thornton. Thornton finally gets a legitimate goal scorer to pass to. He had to make Cheechoo into a 50 goal scorer and Patrick Marleau was nice to have last year, but does not compare to the goal scoring ability that Heatley has.

Thornton has the most points in the NHL since the lockout with 424, of those 316 were assists, which is also the most in the league since then. This was all done with mediocre linemates. Now that he has Heatley on his wing, he is surely to add to his tremendous career totals.

Fantastically: Thornton’s point totals have decreased the last four seasons (125, 114, 96, 86). This trend will change this season. With Heatley on his side, Thornton will reach the 100 point plateau once again. Thornton will come into this season with a chip on his shoulder from being known as  big game flop. He needs to prove to critics that he is still among the league’s elite and to fantasy owners that he can still produce with the best in the game.


Both teams got what they wanted. Ottawa got rid of Heatley and gained depth. San Jose came through with its promise of changing the environment and gave itself the best shot to making the second round of the playoffs.

Fantastically: Both teams had to act quickly to re-work their top 6 forward units.

In San Jose:

  • Line 1: Devin Setoguchi – Joe Thornton – Dany Heatley
  • Line 2: Patrick Marleau – Joe Pavelski – Ryan Clowe

Two great lines in San Jose. A big winner that may not get much pub from this trade is Joe Pavelski. Little Joe scored a career high 59 points last year and is on the cusp of being a fantsy contributor. With Marleau on his side and a healthy Clowe, Pavelski is surely to put up 65 points this season. Steal him in the late rounds of your draft and you automatically give yourself a good chance at the cup. If he gets drafted sooner than expected, Ryan Clowe is a very nice consolation prize.

In Ottawa:

  • Jonathan Cheechoo – Jason Spezza – Daniel Alfredsson
  • Milan Michalek – Mike Fisher – Alex Kovalev

Ottwa’s top line is still very formidable, even without Heatley. The main thing is if Cheechoo can say healthy and keep up with Spezza and Alfredsson. Ottawa GM Bryan Murray believes that if Cheechoo and Michalek score 50 goals between them, they have won the trade. I agree, and I believe that it is possible. Mike Fisher is a nice winner simply because he gets to go home to Carrie Underwood. But he also has a regular goal scorer in Kovalev and a potential breakout player in Michalek. You can afford to draft Fisher in the last rounds of your draft and expect 40-50 points.


Written by Salami-Cheese

September 16, 2009 at 11:46 am

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