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Must Read: Tavares Clears Up Canadian Media “Garbage”

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Just read a tremendous article by Chris Botta of He did a one-on-one interview with potential number one overall NHL draft pick John Tavares, where Tavares talks about the last week of testing, his meeting with the Islanders and clears up “garbage” that he has been reading in the Canadian media since the draft lottery.

Once and for all, I want to be clear that it would be a privilege to be drafted by the New York Islanders. Please let everyone know that. I can’t believe some of the stuff that’s been out there. I like the Canadian media and I’m on the web reading like everyone else, but some it has gotten out of hand.

Read Full Article.

I really respect Tavares for clearing the air. He does not hide that he knows what things are being said of himself playing on the Island. Rather he takes this time to speak highly of the organization and enthusiastic about building a contender on the Island. I hope he is taken by the Islanders with the #1 pick becuase the Islanders deserve a player like Tavares. He is composed, he is a great talent and he is exactly what the Isles need to contend in a few years.

I consider Chris Botta the leader of Islander Nation. He has done a swell job of updating his blog daily and he continues to generate news stories about the Islanders. He asked questions that I have wanted to know about Tavares (i.e. What does Tavares know about Josh Bailey and Kyle Okposo?) and he gave Tavares the opportunity to speak directly to the fans of the Islanders, ensuring them that if he is chosen by the Isles, there will be no problems signing him.

Botta’s IslandersPointBlank blog has been added to my blogroll.


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June 3, 2009 at 11:10 am

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