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Glen Perkins Doesn’t Like New Yankee Stadium

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Glen Perkins is not a big fan of New Yankee Stadium, according to the Pioneer Press. Despite being $1.5 billion project and the subject of praise from baseball fans around the world, Perkins is not impressed. Prior to making his first start at the new stadium in the Bronx, Perkins did not feel the same air of greatness that the old stadium possessed.

“It’s not a place where Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio and all those guys played; it’s a new park,”

Perkins states the obvious. No, Ruth or DiMaggio did not play at the new stadium. And yes, New Yankee Stadium is indeed a new park.

Perkins’ start did not go too well, as he was just pulled for R.A. Dickey in the first inning. Perkins lasted two thirds of an inning giving up 6 runs on seven hits.

Perkins really doesn’t like the New Yankee Stadium.


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May 18, 2009 at 7:02 pm

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