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A Rod is the Happiest Man in the World

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There is no happier person in the world right now than Alex Rodriguez. He is back playing baseball, he helped the Yankees to a much needed victory, and he hit a home run. More notably, he hit a home run on the very first pitch he saw from Jeremy Guthrie, who played for Team USA during the World Baseball Classic, so he is no slouch.  Usually, players will opt to watch a few pitches and use their first few at bats to get their timing back. To swing at the first pitch you see after coming back from a long lay off is ballsy. To hit that pitch for a no doubter is very impressive. Whether that home run was aided by steroids or not, steroids does not develop hand eye co-ordination nor does it teach you how to hit.

Rodriguez also has the support of his team mates. After his home run last night, he was mobbed by his fellow Yankees as soon as he got into the dugout. As much other players throughout the league may hate A-Rod, he should focus on maintaining and improving the respect and support from his team mates because that is all that matters in team sports.

The most prominent reason why A-Rod is waking up with a smile this morning is because of Manny Ramirez. Thanks to Manny Ramirez taking a fertility drug that is banned by the MLB, the heat from A-Rod has somewhat subsided. The announcement of Ramirez’s 50 game suspension came just one day before Rodriguez was set to make his come back. What timing. After an off-season of turmoil, perhaps things are finally looking up for A-Rod.

Ramirez news has made Rodriguez news old news. Nobody wants to talk about old news. They want to talk about the fertility drug, Ramirez’s effect on the Dodgers, and speculate whether or not Ramirez was on steroids. Quite possibly the most disturbing topic that seems to be popping up revolving around Ramirez is how the Red Sox have never been so contempt that Manny is no longer their problem.

I guess Red Sox Nation did not have a problem with Manny being Manny while he was winning World Series’.

Now, in typical Boston fashion, they are patting themselves on the back for getting rid of Ramirez. Jonathan Papelbon has been more than outspoken about how happy he is now that Ramirez is gone and now Jim Rice is making news claiming that Ramirez was never a true Red Sox. These statements are so easy to claim after the fact. Unlike A-Rod, these are not-ballsy.

The ego of the entire state of Massachusetts has inflated to douchebag levels that can no longer be calculated. I see where they are coming from. If my home team was winning every major championship, I would be proud too. However, modesty is sometimes a good policy.

While people all across America deliberate whether or not Ramirez was a true member of Red Sox Nation, or why he took the fertility drug, Rodriguez wakes up to a nice fruit bowl and pancakes with a newspaper filled with Ramirez’s name, rather than his.


Written by Salami-Cheese

May 9, 2009 at 10:35 am

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