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What Would it Cost the Leafs to Land Tavares?

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Brian Burke has openly said that he will heavily pursue moving up in the draft and acquiring John Tavares. When he made this announcement at the pre-lottery press conference in Tuesday afternoon, the Greater Toronto Area’s hydro bill went through the CN Tower as the imagination lightbulbs of millions of couch potato GM’s went off at the same time pondered: What could the Leafs trade to get John Tavares?

In 1999, when Brian Burke magically landed the 2nd and 3rd picks in the draft to get the Sedin twins, he did so by trading someone and someone, using multiple teams. Let us examine possibilities for strictly a two team deal between the Leafs and the Islanders.

But Snow should keep the pick.

First round pick? Definitely. In 2009? For sure. And in 2010? Possibly.

Young prospects? Naturally. Grabovski? Kulemin? Tlusty? At least one of the 3.

Quit beating around the bush, Burke, you know what the Islanders want. Schenn? Now we’re talking.

Burke said that nobody on the Leafs is untouchable – including prized defenseman Luke Schenn. However, Schenn is as untouchable as a touchable player can get, if that makes sense. Frankly, all this touching and untouching is making me feel like I’m in Neverland. But you get the point.

In order for Burke to make a deal to get Tavares, he is likely going to have to give up his biggest chip in Schenn. I really don’t think it would bother Burke that much to give up Schenn. Firstly, Burke did not draft Schenn. Sure, he said it was a great draft pick by Cliff Fletcher, but it is not smart to openly criticize a high pick of a team that you just inherited. Secondly, if he has to trade away a stay at home defenseman from Western Canada for a dynamic forward from Toronto’s backyard, Burke wouldn’t think twice.

Already rumors are spreading in local media. One rumor has the Leafs trading Nikolai Kulemin, Luke Schenn, Jason Blake, cash, and a conditional 1st round pick in 2010 to the Islanders for the rights to the 1st overall pick and a roster player.

That is a lot of players going one way. I don’t know if the Islanders would want Blake back, who evidently thinks he never left the island, based on his current NHL profile picture. I don’t know if the Leafs want Blake back. Even with the quality of players going to the Island, the prospect of John Tavares being the face of your franchise is impossible to pass up.

If Brian Burke wants it that bad, Garth Snow should make him pay for it. Burke is willing to overpay, and Snow should force Burke to over-over-over pay. Kaberle, Schenn, Grabovski, Tlusty and a shit load of draft picks is the only way Snow should make a deal with the Leafs.

But Snow should keep the pick.

The Leafs as a trade partner would be more interesting if they had a decent farm system, but they don’t. Their prized blue chip prospect is Justin Pogge, Nikolai Kulemin and Jiri Tlusty. Weak.

If anyone has a good chance at offering good young talent for Tavares, it is Philadelphia. James van Riemsdyk, Claude Giroux, Joffrey Lupul, Luca Sbisa. Those are true blue chip prospects that nobody else can offer. They can even offer Daniel Briere (plus cash to pay half the contract) to entice Snow. Throw in Matt Carle. Why not? The guy has already been traded 3 times in 3 years. If any team wanted to make a more realistic run at Tavares, it would be the Flyers.

The Los Angeles Kings wouldn’t be a bad trade partner either. They can dangle their own 1st round pick this year (5th), plus Oscar Moller, Jack Johnson, Thomas Hickey, Wayne Simmonds, Alex Frolov.

But Snow should keep the pick.


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April 15, 2009 at 2:24 am

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  1. Interesting trading ideas but if Snow trades the pick, it would probably go as one of the worst deals in history, on a team known for making awful trades. Let’s think back to some bad deals the Islanders have made:
    Zdeno Chara, Bill Muckalt and the #2 overall(Jason Spezza) for Alexei Yashin. vomit.

    or better yet, Olli Jokinen and Roberto Luongo for Mark Parrish and Oleg Kvasha. double vomit.

    Those were all Milbury deals and thank god he’s not there anymore but no one really knows what Garth Snow will do.

    I don’t think Toronto can do anything to make us want to trade that pick unless it were their 1st round in 2009, 2010, a top prospect( schenn) and maybe a 2nd round….and even then, i wouldn’t do it. The islanders need this pick more than any other team. Toronto will never move from where they are and will always have a strong fan base. The islanders are drowning from years of bad moves. it’s time to right the ship.


    April 16, 2009 at 1:45 am

  2. Burke wants Tavares,,,Well Wish in One Hand, Crap in the other and see which one fills up first.

    Jimmy Tide

    April 15, 2009 at 8:36 pm

  3. we are excited. We saw a very exciting group of young green players and can’t wait for next year with JT in the mix.

    On the flip side, the only deal I would see Snow doing is taking LeCav’s contract off TB’s hands and their 2nd pick for the 1st, but really TB must be looking at Hedman for their blueline where they need the most help. Still I wouldnt do that. Building a talented team almost all the same age group is my choice.


    April 15, 2009 at 12:24 pm

  4. Good point. My point, as I stated repeatedly in the post, is that Snow should keep the pick… just as you mentioned.
    I simply wanted to discuss what the leafs could give up in order to get the #1 pick.
    Regarding Schenn, Snow did pass up on him last year, but he is the only big bargaining chip that the Leafs have and if the Leafs want the pick, then Schenn would surely have to be included. Even if Snow doesn’t want him, he could be used further in other deals because of his value.
    But again, if I was Snow, I wouldn’t think of trading away the pick.
    Congratulations, btw, on winning the lottery, Tavares will be a great fit on the island with Okposo, Bailey, Comeau, etc.


    April 15, 2009 at 11:54 am

  5. Garth passed on Schenn in the draft last year, what makes you think he’d even be interested in entertaining that idea. We have Streit, Witt, and will try to sign Komeserik, a native LIer.

    Sorry, there is nothing we want from Mr. Burke, we’ll keep John Tavares.


    April 15, 2009 at 10:45 am

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