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Islander Nation Erupts as Isles Win Lottery

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At around 8:20 pm, North America would have felt a slight quiver in the ground if it wasn’t for the fact that Long Island was indeed an island. The reason for the celebration in Long Island is because hockey is officially back. With the New York Islanders winning the lottery, and the opportunity to select John Tavares, hockey will be revitalized on Lonely Island.

The elation is evident in the voices of optimistic Islander bloggers.

from Voice of the Islander Fans:

…it is time to roll out the red carpet and get all those number 91 jerseys stitched up BECAUSE JOHN TAVARES IS COMING TO THE NEW YORK ISLANDERS!!!!!!!!!!


It never ceases to amaze me honestly, I have witnessed a bunch of great things in Islanders history – but this pick is one of the most important aspects in recent times.

From Chris Botta at Islanders Point Blank:

NYI WIN DRAFT LOTTERY: Garth, you’re now on the clock. The Islanders win. They win.

However, there are also warnings to Garth Snow from NY Islanders 7th Woman:

Until [June 26th], we will wait and hope that Brian Burke doesn’t come up with some sort of scheme to get six General Managers to each give up something the other wants in order to get that coveted number one pick. It’s Brian Burke; he’s capable of just about anything.

General Manager of the Islanders, Garth Snow should NOT trade this pick. The Islanders have a good history with first overall picks. In 2000, they drafted Rick DiPietro and in 1973, they drafted Denis Potvin. Tavares would be welcome addition to the young core that includes Josh Bailey and Kyle Okposo. Imagine keeping those 3 players in tact for the next 5 years? The Atlantic division would boast 5 playoff teams.

Snow should go into an induced coma, turn off all communication to the world and wake up on June 26th just in time to draft John Tavares. There will be a number of teams that will hunt and manipulate the draft in order to snatch that #1 pick away from Snow, which is why he just needs to take his phone off the hook and throw his Blackberry into a jar of blueberry jam.Snow should especially avoid all contact with Toronto GM, Brian Burke, who made it known earlier in the day that he will do anything he can to move up in the draft and pursue acquiring John Tavares.

Burke simply could have been giving Leaf Nation some lip service, telling them what they wanted to hear. If Burke seriously wanted to pursue Tavares, he would have tied Justin Pogge’s gloves and blocker to the sides of the net and not let him out. That surely would have been a better strategy to increase their number of ping pong balls in the popcorn popper. Nonetheless, the lottery results moved the Leafs down one spot to 7th in the draft.

However, if the Islanders were to fear one man to snatch John Tavares away from them, it is Brian Burke. If Burke is serious about pursuing Tavares, there is no reason not to think he will do everything in his power to manipulate the draft to get his way. He did it once, and he will surely do it again.

In 1999 draft in Boston, much like today, he announced that “nobody is leaving Boston with both Sedins except for me”. Pretty scary for other GM’s, but exactly echoed the same sentiments he had today. Almost a decade ago, Burke merely had a single 1st round pick, which was the 3rd pick overall, but eventually manipulated the draft to get the 2nd and 3rd picks to draft both Sedins. Patrick Stefan went 1st overall. If you want to try and understand how Burke did it, read the transaction list here. Therefore, Burke is very capable of pulling of a trade or two or three in order to get his way. The only problem is that the General Managers now will shield themselves from Burke, knowing what his intentions are.

What would it take for Burke to acquire the 1st overall pick from Snow? That topic is for an upcoming blog. Stay tuned.

What John Tavares can do on the ice has been well documented. Only one thing remains to be seen. We know how good he looks in red, white and blue. We know how good he looks in green and black. And we know what he looks like in red and white. How will he look in orange and blue? If it looks as bad as this, then he might as well be in blue and white.

I love this picture.

I love this picture.

I am officially submitting my application to become a citizen of Islander Nation.


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April 14, 2009 at 11:36 pm

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