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Live Game Blog: Yovani Gallardo vs SF Giants.

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This is kind of an impromptu live game blog. I did not plan to do this tonight, but since I am watching the Brewers play the Giants, why not chronicle Yovani Gallardo‘s first start of the season. I am a fantasy owner of Gallardo, and I am very excited this upcoming season to see him pitch.

Tonight, he is in tough as he goes head to head with Randy Johnson, who is searching for win number 300. He comes in tonight 5 wins away from possibly being the last to reach this feat. The Giants are also a very under rated team, who I think could very much win the division. So this will not be a walk in he park for Yovi.

1st Inning.

Randy Winn – Gallardo’s first pitch is a tailing fast ball for a strike. 3-1. Can’t get his fast ball for a strike. Curve ball was low for a ball. Tailing fasty again for 3-2. Low fast ball. Walk. Not a good start. Missing his spots early in the game. Needs to establish fast ball

Edgar Renteria; 1 on, 0 out – Another ball to start the count to Renteria (88 mph). 90 mph fastball for strike 1. Yikes. Missed his fastball high, luckily Renteria missed it too. First out is a line drive to center.

Fred Lewis, 1 on 1 out – Gallardo is really worried about Winn at first base. Focus on the batter, Yovi. Second curve ball of the game and it is low again. Another deuce and he hits his spot, but it is right over the plate. Foul ball. High fast ball (90 mph) for another ball. Nice try to set up the fast ball with the curveballs, but it was too high. Another high fast ball, Winn steals second, takes third on a bad throw from Kendal. Not a good start for Yovi and the crew. Another high fastball and Fred Lewis chases. 3-2. Gallardo beans him. Definitly looks like there are some butterflies in his belly. That fast ball was not even close. Hit Lewis’ shoestrings.

Bengie Molina; runners on the corners, 1 out – 89 mph fast ball right down the chute. Hit and run on, but foul. 0-2. First time Yovi gets legitimately ahead. Another high fast ball fouled off. Molina hits into a lot of double plays. Keep the ball low, Yovi. Sharp curve ball is low again. Low fast ball, induces a double play to get out of the inning. Beautiful. He NEEDED that one.

21 pitches. More balls than strikes. Runner left on third. Score tied 0-0. Nerves clearly a factor in the first inning.

2nd Inning

Gallardo comes into the inning with a lead via a Mike Cameron moon shot. This was just after JJ Hardy just missed hitting one. Let’s see how he handles pitching with a lead. Hopefully getting out of that first inning settled him down.

Pablo Sandoval; 0 on, 0 out – questionable fast ball for a ball. Looked good for a strike. Strike one is a fast ball fouled off. Ball 2 is another missed curve ball. Pitch 4 is a fast ball that jams Pablo for a pop up to Prince. The two almost collide. Imagine that collision.

Travis Ishakawa; 0 on, 1 out – Another fucking high fast ball. Clearly a sign of Yovi over pitching. Strike one is a fast ball fouled off. A really sharp curve ball that Ishikawa offers at, but does not go around. Ball 3: inside fast ball. He is missing all of his pitches. Pitch 5 is hammered into centerfield. Right down the middle. 3-2 counts will force you to go there. Get ahead, Yovi!

Aaron Rowand; 1 on, 1 out – strike one. Good outside fastball. Best one of the night. Second pitch is a good high inside fast ball that gets a ground ball, but fucking Bill Hall can’t handle it. Should have been a double play. Ruled a double.. are you fucking kidding me!??!

Burriss; 2nd & 3rd, 1 out – high outside fastball. Good curveball that leads to a bouncer to first, but drives in a run.

Randy Johnson; 3rd; 2 out – low fast ball that looked good, but Johnson is so goddam tall. Fast ball right down the cock. Shitty deuce that gets Randy to swing. Another curve ball. This one much better. Strike 3.

17 throws, 38 altogether. Still throwing too many pitches. 1 left on, 1 K, 1 earned run. Could have gotten out with no damage, but fucking Bill Hall. Brewers’ defense is questionable

3rd Inning.

Still tied at 1. Gallardo comes out after watching Johnson strike out 2 more guys. He now has 6 in 3. Second time through the order coming up. Very important for Gallardo to hit his spots, since he was unable to establish any pitches once through the order. This could be a dangerous inning for Yovi.

Winn – High curve ball that obviously misses to start the inning. Winn bunts, to test the knee of Gallardo, but is thrown out by Yovi.

Renteria; 0 on, 1 out -finally a curve ball that gets over. Buckled Edgar a little bit. Another beauty. 0-2. Come on high fast ball. Haha! High fast ball misses. Nice set up, but too high. 1-2. Low deuce fouled off. Good pitch. Another high fast ball that Cameron misses. Best sequence for Gallardo so far. Build on that.

Lewis; 0 on, 2 out – fast ball up and out. Get ahead for f sake. Tailing fast ball that misses out. Good low fast ball. 2-1. 91 mph high heat 2-2. Another fast ball fouled off. Beautiful curve ball for strike 3.

A great inning for Yovi. Finally. He established his curve ball and tried to set up his fast ball, but at least he has one pitch going. Got the Giants in order with 2 K’s. 13 throws in the inning, 51 altogether.

I am going to try and make an honest effort to make this more readable. First time doing this type of live blog, so cut me some leeway.

4th Inning.

Molina – 1-0: low and away fast ball. 1-1: 91 mph outside fast ball fouled off. 2-1: curve ball that broke too early. Molina did not even offer at it. pitch 4: low fast ball hammered into center

Sandoval; 1 on, 0 out – 1-0: low fast ball that looked good, apparently not that good. 2-0: fast ball in the dirt. pitch 3: good fast ball that induces double play ball, but Weeks fucks up the flip. Another Brewers’ error.

Ishakawa; 1st & 2nd, 0 out – 1-0: fast ball that misses away. HIT YOUR F’n SPOTS!!! Pitch 2: fast ball that is hit in the air to teh warning track for an out.

Rowand; 1st & 2nd, 1 out – Keep the ball low, get a dp. 0-1: very nice tailing fast ball, kept it low too. 0-2: 93 mph fast ball that is fouled off. Rowand was late. Strike 3: First deuce of the inning. In the dirt, perfect pitch. Huge out.

Burriss 1st & 2nd, 2 out – Be careful here. Don’t give him anything too juicy because Randy is on deck. 1-0: curve ball high that just misses. pitch 2: low fast ball for a ground ball to Weeks and the 3rd out of the inning.

Great composure to pitch out of that inning after Weeks was an asshole. Got a big K and used his deuce when he needed it most. 14 throws, 65 altogether. 3 K’s after 4 innings. Pitching much better. Score is still tied 1-1. Pretty big 3rd out because now Johnson gets to lead off the 5th.

5th Inning.

WOOOOOOOO!!! Gallardo launches a 3-run home run to take a 4-1 lead. HUUUUUGE. Johnson thought he could get a letter high fastball by Yovi. Gallardo’s 3rd career home run. Let’s see how he hits the bump after that momentum swing.

Scherholtz? (pinch hitter) – 0-1: get-me-over fastball. Pitch 2: jammed him with a fast ball. Weak ground ball to short.

Winn; 0 on, 1 out – 1-0: low slider that misses inside. 1-1: 91 mph fastball. good pitch. 1-2: 78 mph deuce. Good pitch, just hit foul. If fair, definitely a double. pitch 4: Strike 3 on the curve ball. Beautiful pitch. Starting to find a groooove.

Renteria; 0 on, 2 out – 0-1: good letter high cheese fouled back. 0-2: 92 mph cheese fouled back. Nice outside location. Come on deuce. 0-2: 85 mph slider fouled off. 0-2: eye high fast ball fouled back. haha. probably expecting the 12-6 curve. 1-2: there is a curve. Outside, not as sharp. pitch 6: Strike 3. Backwards K. Unbelievable fastball inside. Nailed his spot, set up by his deuce.

Another great inning by Yovi. Settling in after the bomb. The nerves look to be gone as he is getting much better late in the game. 5 K’s after 5 innings. 12 throws, 77 altogether. His best inning yet. Not using his deuce as often, but using it in great situations.

6th Inning

Lewis – 1-0: 85 mph slider inside. 1-1: beautiful change up. 1-2: 91 mph fast ball. Great set up. Caught Lewis off-guard. 1-2: high fast ball fouled off. Lewis definitely had curve ball in his head. 2-2: curve ball in the dirt. Really sharp, but broke too early. 2-2: 95 mph fastball fouled off. Hitting 95 after 80 pitches is nice. pitch 7: ground ball to Weeks, who had to dive for it. Should have had it. Fuckin defense has been shit.

Molina; 1 on, 0 out – pitch 1: great plat by Bill Hall for an out. Gallardo served it up and Molina hammered it down the line. Finally defense comes through.

Sandoval; 2nd, 1 out -0-1 fast ball away that is fouled off. 0-2: mighty hack at a neck high fast ball. Set up for a curve ball. Let’s see what happens. Pitch 3: STRIKE 3! CURVE BALL Beautiful set up. It was a hanger, but Sandoval just watched it because he had fastball in his head from the pitch before.

Ishakawa; 2nd, 2 out – pitch 1: ground out to Weeks. Doesn’t mess up this time.

Another good inning. 12 throws, 88 altogether (57 K’s). Perhaps the fast ball high at the beginning of the game was part of his plan because now the Giants are hacking at it, fearing the curveball. Anyways, another beauty inning. 6 K’s through 6, 1 ER, 4 hits, 1 BB.

7th Inning

With Gallardo’s batting position due to lead off the 8th, this is likely his last inning.

Rowand -1-0: curveball misses low. 1-1 fast ball fouled off. Outside corner. Nice spot. pitch 3: 94 mph fastball is hammered to the wall for a double. Challenge pitch.

Burriss -0-1: nice fast ball outside that he didn’t get earlier in the game. Bullpen gets loose. pitch 2: 91 fast ball for a ground ball to shortstop. Runner does not advance.

Rich Aurilia (pinch hitter); 2nd, 1 out -0-1: 93 mph fast ball. Welcome to the game, Rich. Pitch 2: tight curve ball that is bounced to 3rd. 2 out, runner remains at 2nd.

Winn; 2nd, 2 out – pitch 1: slider that Winn golfs to right for an RBI. Goddam 2 out RBI’s.

Renteria; 1st, 2 out – 1-0: 93 mph fast ball outside for pitch #96. Bullpen scurries. C’mon Gallardo, get out of this inning. A few throws to first base to get the bullpen warm. Mound visit from pitching coach to buy more time for the relievers. 1-1: 93 mph fastball that Renteria fouls off. Very hittable pitch, but Renteria isn’t seeing it tonight. 1-2: Buckling curve ball for a called strike. 2-2. Winn takes off, high fast ball… too high. Runner on second. 3-2: Curveball in the dirt. Appeal says he didn’t go, but he definetely went around. Fuck. 3-2: curve ball fouled away. Really surprised Reteria, really weak swing, lucky to be at the plate still. BALL 4. low fast ball. Weak. Gallardo had Renteria’s number all night, but Yovi’s stuff was not has sharp this late in the game.

And with that walk, Yovani Gallardo exits the game.

Lefty is brought in to face Lewis. He walks him. Bases loaded for the clean up hitter Molina. Todd Coffey is brought in. As a fantasy owner, I need this win from Gallardo. I’m about a 6/10 on the nervous scale. Coffey falls behind, but eventually gets Bengie to ground out. 6 outs away from the dub.

He finishes with a line of: 6 2/3 IP, 6 K’s, 6 hits, 2 walks, 2 earned runs, 103 throws

Very good game from Gallardo, considering it was his first start of the season, and he had to overcome a blatant case of nerves early in the game. It took a while for him to establish a pitch, but when he did, he dominated. He worked his curveball to perfection later in the game, which he used alongside his fastball. He was very composed when his defense was questionable throughout the game.

Gallardo needs to finish off innings in order to secure wins. He cannot rely on the bullpen to get out of jams that he creates.


Todd Coffey was very impressive in relief.

Carlos Villanueva strikes out 2 in the 9th for his 1st save of the season and 3rd of his career. Yovani Gallardo gets the win!! wooooo!

bye for now.


Written by Salami-Cheese

April 8, 2009 at 9:25 pm

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