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NCAA March Madness: Final Four Predictions.

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We are finally here. The Final Four. As always, the tournament has gone by too fast (Wake), or dragged on, if you’re Pittsburgh. Nevertheless, the best teams are always left standing tall in the 1st week of April. My predictions have gone swimmingly. I started off strong with rounds 1 & 2 going 41-7. Sweet 16 was a struggle at 4-4. And in the Elite 8, I posted a 3-1 record. Overall, that’s a 48-12 record. Pretty good record. It is a little devieving; however, because it’s easier making picks game by game, as opposed to predicting the whole bracket from day 1. My Facebook bracket is a mess, but I did predict 3 of the final 4 teams (picked Duke… I always do, and I’m always wrong).

Let’s get to the predictions.

Michigan State over UCONN – I am going against my Facebook bracket here because MSU is playing unbelievable right now. I never ever like MSU’s big men (yeah, I’m talking to you Paul Davis) and this incudes Goran Suton, which makes this pick tough on me. Everything is just rolling for MSU right now. If you want a cose game all the way with great coaching, tune in at 6:07 pm. In order for UCONN to win, AJ Price has to step up his game in big situations. This is a big situation. Last game against Mizzou, he was a little soft. Price needs to step up. Shot of gin for every time Price’s mother is shown. Hasheem Thabeet will contain Suton, unless he is flopping around and being a pussy, like he has been the past few weeks.  Quit being a pansy and play like an NBA big man. Every time I see him play, he is always coming off the court with a scratch with facial expressions suggesting agonizing pain. Grow some balls, Thab. Player of the game will be Kemba Walker.

"The Big Dance" by Green and Thompson

North Carolina over Villanova – Villanova is here again. Jay Wright has developed a great system over there in Philly. They always go far in the tournament because they have good guard play. Remember when they did this a few years back? Who were there star players? Randy Foye, Allen Ray, and Kyle Lowry – all guards. Guard play is the single most important peice in NCAA basketball. This year’s edition of Wright’s squad features a smiliar group: Dwayne Anderson, Corey Fisher, Reggie Redding and Scottie Reynolds. Mix that in with one of the most efficient big men in the country, Dante Cunningham, and you have the ingredients for the final four.

Unfortunately, the Wild Cats are running into a pit of tar (I tried..). The Heels feature the most efficient big man in the country, Tyler Hansbrough; and the best point guard in the country, Ty Lawson. This team is stacked. Danny Green, Wayne Ellington, Deon Thompson, Ed Davis. The University of North Carolina is good every year because everybody wants to wear the baby blue and white. Whatever Roy Williams is selling, you are buying. Their program will forever be successful because of their reputation headlined by Michael Jordan and built by Dean Smith, and now Roy Williams. Go ACC!

Two more sleeps til “One Shining Moment


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April 4, 2009 at 11:30 am

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  2. […] predictions from Saturday were perfect, improving my record to 50-12 in the tournament. Unfortunately, for my Facebook […]

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