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That Was Fast: Cutler Traded, Bush Cut, Pedro, J-Cal to UK, etc.

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One day after the Denver Broncos announced they planned to trade Jay Cutler, he was promptly traded to the Chicago Bears. The Broncos receive 2 first round picks, a 3rd round pick and Kyle Orton for Cutler and a 5th round pick. That was really fast. Really fast. I guess I am so used to watching hockey rumors drag on for weeks. I think it is a good deal for both sides. Denver got rid of a quarterback that they thought would not fit into their system at a premium price. While the Bears make themselves legitimate contenders (again) by giving themselves one of the top young arms in football. Apparently Cutler never wanted to be traded, and if I was Denver, I wouldn’t want to trade Cutler. Why they didn’t try and work it out with Cutler is why I am not an NFL General Manager.

A few months ago, I enthusiastically posted about how the Toronto Blue Jays signed former first overall pick, Matt Bush from the San Diego Padres. I thought Bush would be able to be at least a decent farm hand, but apparently the Blue Jays don’t think so. Bush was cut yesterday. That was fast. This ended his tenure with the Blue Jays, and possibly with any other team in the league. There hasn’t been a bigger bust since Kwame Brown. Next stop for Bush: maybe the intercounty basebll league. He may not even make it there. In other news, Cito Gaston announced that Doc Halladay will be their openign day starter. No shit.

Poor Pedro. He still doesn’t have a team to play for. Why? Well, for one, his asking price is perceived to by too high ($6 million/year) and two, general managers are reluctant to sign a pitcher with such an intense gerry curl. Someone just give him his money already. He will end up getting close to it anyway. Why not the Blue Jays? Scott Richmond is their 5t starter, and he sucks. I guess there is really no point in signing him because they are going to be stuck at the bottom this year, but it would be funny to see Pedro in Canada again.

John Calipari signed his letter of intent to coach the University of Kentucky. That was fast. Just a few days after losing to Missouri in the NCAA tournament, J-Cal bolted to try and get UK back to respectability. Calipari is a great recruiter, so I can see the Wildcats get back to where they used to be. On the other hand, Memphis will gradually head to the toilet store. With this news, Tyreke Evans may head to the draft,  Antonio Anderson is graduating, so is Robert Dozier, leaving the new coach with Shawn Taggert to work with. They may actually lose a conference game next year.


Written by Salami-Cheese

April 2, 2009 at 6:47 pm

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