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Fantasy 50MC: Just Finished My Draft Review.

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I just finished what essentially was a 2 week long draft. My friends ad I had to do it all online via posting on the league’s message board because we could not all get together due to conflicting schedules. Anyways, it is a limited keeper points league (keep 7), C, CI, CI, MI, MI, OF, OF, OF, UTIL; SP, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, 6 bench spots. There are so many point categories, it’s stupid. I won’t get into it. Wins and saves are worth a lot, so are home runs and steals.

R 1
1B 1
2B 2
3B 3
HR 4
SB 2
BB 1
K -1
IP 1
W 8
CG 2
SV 6
ER -1
K 1

So now you know the details. I had the second pick of the draft. Here are the complete results to the draft.

With my first pick, I chose the best closer on the board – Joe Nathan, who was the latest Answer Man. Saves are worth a ton in this league. We have limited innings, and a good closer can average about 6-7 points an inning, where closers are lucky to average 2-3 points an inning.

Second round – I was targeting Roy Oswalt, who was takin right before me, so I reluctantly chose Carlos Pena, who also served as Answer Man. My strategy this year was to go with strong pitching and home runs and not caring for K’s. I am pretty much forced to by keeping Ryan Howard. If Pena can hit 30 bombs and drive in 100 I’ll take it, even if he K’s 160+ times.

Third RoundCarlos Zambrano was the next best pitcher on the board IMO, even though the haters are all over him this year for his terrible second half last season. Meh, I’ll take his 15+ wins. I’ll trade him away after a solid 1st half.

4th RoundMark DeRosa – I think I reached a little bit here. I don’t expect him to have the same season as last year, but he should be a good plug in my MI spot, or anywhere (OF & CI eligible as well). If he hits 15 home runs and drive in 75 in a very under rated Cleveland lineup, I’m happy. Jacobs Field from Wrigley is a big difference though.

5th Round – Aaron Harang – again, I drafted him a little early, but I am glad I got him. His numbers suffered in the second half last year, but he kept his K rates high which gives me optimism.

6th RoundHeath Bell – what? closers were going fast. I just wanted a sure thing, even though he may not get many chances.

7th Round – Ricky Nolasco. So glad I got him this late. Could be the steal of the draft.

8th – Jason Motte – again, I reached. But I’m glad I did. Apparently he has solid stuff and he will be the closer in St. Louis. Take that Mario (who drafted Ryan Franklin in the 5th).

9th – Jarrod Saltalamacchia – what was I thinking.

10th & 11th – Fausto Carmona & Travis Hafner – banking on a come back season from Fausto. Not as much for Hafner. It was a low risk, mediocre reward pick. Focus on power dictated this pick.

12-14th rounds – Miguel Tejada, Hideki Matsui, Scott Downs – Tejada was a decent value pick, which adds to my depth at MI because it’s a little weak right now… Matsui can fill my OF hole when Upton struggles, which I am expecting… I took Downs solely to spite the pick behind me, who would have chose Downs as a security measure for BJ Ryan. I plan to drop Downs for Jordan Zimmerman or Tommy Hanson.

Overall, I think I have a decent team. I didn’t plan to compete this year, which is why I went for value picks, hoping to trade them later for future considerations… I love my pick of Ricky Nolasco and Joe Nathan… I think I may struggle at MI, hopefully Derek Jeter can do something at the leadoff spot… I am not really banking on the breakout season that everyone is predicting for Justin Upton, so I am searching for a OF depth (perhaps Nelson Cruz)… my pitching is very good, which I am proud of. There is nothing I hate more than sloppy pitching… my only concern is the lack of wins Jake Peavy may get, if he stays in San Diego.

Best pick of the draft: Ian Stewart (147)

Worst pick of the draft: Brandon Lyon(48) and Huston Street (57) in back to back picks.

My pick to win: Anand. Nice early picks. Stole Nelson Cruz from me, who I was planning on taking with my next pick along with Harang. I tried hard to get Miguel Cabrera to no avail. Monster season coming up for him.

Notable un-draftees: Jim Thome, Randy Winn, Willy Tavares, Dioner Navarro, Jeremy Hermida, Jose Guillen, Jeremy Guthrie, every hyped up rookie pitcher.


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April 2, 2009 at 8:48 pm

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