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Kenny Powers: Modern Day American Hero.

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Judging from the enthusiastically growing page views (25) from my original article on the HBO TV hit, East Bound and Down, this show has evidently developed some sort of cult following. When I originally wrote about East Bound and Down, there was NOTHING in the blogosphere about the show. Today, there is stuff here, here, and of course, here… just to name a few. I have just finished the first season of the show (6 episodes) and it just seems to get funnier and funnier every week. After the first episode, to be honest, it was funny, but I was a little suspicious if this type of humor could continue to be funny over a whole season. They have defied my suspicion. This show is legitimately hilarious.

I just watched the Making of East Bound and Down, and what they tried to portray is exactly what Danny McBride embodies on the show. Will Ferrell serves as one of the producers, which explains one half of the hilarity, but a person that should not be forgotten because he is usually behind the scenes more is Adam McKay. McKay and Ferrell were the masterminds behind The Landlord, which led to For some weird reason, in The Landlord, when McKay says “hey, did you hear? Madonna’s reinventing herself again..” I find that so funny. Don’t know why. Anyways, McKay is the unseen partner in crime for this new era of comdy, and should not be ignored.

Just to update, after 6 episodes (I won’t spoil anything), Kenny Powers still rules and is funnier more than ever. Please watch the show. It is on Sundays on HBO Canada. If you don’t get it, find somewhere online to watch it and then buy the DVD when it comes out, to compensate the illegal viewing of the show. That’s what I do. Clears my conscious.

If I can make another suggestion, watch Summer Heights High, which also on HBO. (hint: it’s also on youtube. But buy the DVD’s after.)


Written by Salami-Cheese

March 30, 2009 at 1:22 pm

2 Responses

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