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NCAA March Madness: Goose Egg & Finally PITT is Gone.

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I was unable to post a review on the terrible outcome of my Thursday predictions, in which I posted a goose egg. On 4 Sweet 16 games on Thursday I went O’fer. Brutal. I stuck with my dark horse, and they got handled by UCONN; My desperation for PITT to get out of the tournament dragged me to take Xavier; my suspicion of Memphis’ athleticism overpowered Memphis; and Duke played their worst game of the season. I would not have cared if I went 0-4 and they were all close games – they were ALL blow outs!

On Friday, I would have went with Michigan St., UNC, Louisville and Oklahoma. I am not just saying that because all of those teams ended up winning, and I didn’t have it on record. Check my Facebook bracket, it’s all there. Michigan St. is rolling right now. Tommy boy has them playing great ball. Did the Zags really have a chance vs. UNC? UNC is the most dominating team in the tournament right now. They are on a crash course to face Louisville (maybe UCONN??) in the final. Louisville vs a 12 seed. No contest, even with Chase Budinger on the other side. I like Syracuse, but Blake Griffin is really good. So I followed up an 0-4 day with a 4-4 day.

Tonight, again I was unable to get to a computer to go on record with my picks. I definitely would have went with Villanova over PITT and UCONN over Mizzou. Again, check the Facebook.

You have no idea how relieved I was when I saw Scottie Reynolds drain the floater at the buzzer to beat Pittsburgh. THANK YOU SCOTTIE!!! Villanova has fulfilled my prophecy that said that Pittsburgh was going to be the first #1 out of this tournament. I said it here. And here. I just don’t like them. Sam Young is good, but he looks like he’s 30. Their coach looks like Bill Hader from SNL. Lavance Fields is trash. DeJuan Blair is nice. Soft hands for a big man. I see him having a nice NBA career. They just did not have what it took to be a #1 in this tournament. They did not have a dominating win and they were not playing good basketball down the stretch. I believe Clark Kellog said their early departure from the Big East tournament wasa good thing to get all their guys healthy. I don’t buy it. They early departure meant that they sucked. How they got a #1 is beyond me. How they got the 3rd #1 is further beyond me. All is done and Pittsburgh is gone. I can sleep well tonight.

Moving on to tomorrow:

North Carolina over Oklahoma – Hansbrough vs Griffin. Wow. Gonna be a great match-up. If I had TiVO, I would TiVO this one. I think Griffin may over power Hansbrough, but do not underestimate Hansbrough. He is a tough kid and will not back down to the consensus #1 college basketball talent. If Hansbrough and Griffin cancel each other out, advantage UNC.

Louisville over MSU – Sorry Spartans. You guys are playing great. Really great. But Louisville is playing even better. The only scenerio, and it is a very likely one, that I see MSU winning is that if they stay close at the end of the game. Louisville has cruised to the Elite 8 and has not really been challenged thus far. If MSU can keep it close, I give them that advantage because they have been in this tight spot these past 2 weeks – Louisville has not. Don’t get me wrong, I am not questioning the clutch-ness of Louisville, but they have not been challenged and could get rattled because of what is on the line and the stage they are playing on.


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March 29, 2009 at 12:20 am

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  1. […] have gone swimmingly. I started off strong with rounds 1 & 2 going 41-7. Sweet 16 was a struggle at 4-4. And in the Elite 8, I posted a 3-1 record. Overall, that’s a 48-12 record. Pretty good […]

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