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Asshole of the Madness: Edgar Sosa.

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March Madness is a time when you fall in love with amateur basketball players because of their clutch performances and their toughness. It is also a time when you develop a hatred for teams and players because they are responsible for ruining your chances of winning your office pool. Since 2007, the one guy I have hated has been Edgar Sosa of the Louisville Cardinals.

Ever since he entered the scene as a peice of shit freshman from New York or wherever he is from, I have not liked this kid. He is the reason why I hated Louisville the past 2 years. If it was not for the emergence of Earl Clark and Terrence Williams and Pitino putting Sosa on the bench, I would hate this team as much as I hate PITT.

Last night, Louisville romped the #12 seed, Arizona. During their 40 point win, Edgar Sosa decides to make a mockery of their opponent by touching his stupid face after he unnecessarily made a simple lay up look like a triple sow-cow. If I was Chase Budinger and I saw him do that, I would one punch Sosa to Puerto Rico. Listen pal. You beat a 12 seeded bubble team. There is absolutely no reason to celebrate. If you didn’t beat them by 40 points, it should have been a disapointment. Just looking at him makes my blood boil. He walks around the court like he is king shit, he wears a sleeveless turtleneck under his jersey and his hairline is too close to his eyebrows.

One thing I hate about sports is showing up the other team. I was raised to show respect for the game and the other time while conducting myself with class during a game. Edgar Sosa embodies the exact opposite of what I was raised on and for that, I will throw him a big “fuck you”. If I see this douche on the street, you better believe I will one punch him like Budinger should have.


Written by Salami-Cheese

March 29, 2009 at 12:38 am

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