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NCAA March Madness Elite 8 pt I Predictions: Goodbye #1’s.

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How old is this guy?!

How old is this guy?!

Ok. Here is where little boys get hair on their little chests.

Purdue (5) over Connecticut (1) – Man. I really like UCONN to go far, but I can’t go back on Purdue. If Purdue was up against Louisville or PITT, I would be more excited to root for Purdue. UCONN is playing really well right, but so is Purdue. I think UCONN may be playing a little bit better right now and they are +1 in experience and +2 in coaching. BUt Purdue is my darkhorse! Go Boilermakers!! Game of the night candidate.

Xavier (4) over Pittsburgh (1) – PITT has to leave this tournament. They are no winning in convincing fashion for a #1 seed. They will actually now play someone GOOD and I don’t think they will be up to the challenge. Go X-Men!

Memphis (2) over Missouri (3) – it is tough to go against a team that is as hot as Mizzzou right now. And it is tough to go against a team with as hot as cheerleaders as Mizzou as well. But Memphis have more talent, more experience and better coaching. It would not surprise me; however, if Missouri’s energy overwhelms Memphis. Game of the night candidate.

Duke (2) over Villanova (3) – I am a Duke an through and through, but I really believe in the Blue Devils this year. Not to win it all, but to go further than most people think. Ever since Elliot Williams was put into the starting lineup, Duke is peaking at the right time. Villanova is a great team, with an experienced coach. It will be entertaining to see Villanova try to match their offensive energy with Duke defensive energy. Duke must stop Dante Cunningham without Kyle Singler getting into foul trouble. Williams can guard Scottie Reynolds. Game of the night candidate.

With all of this said, tonight is going to be a GREAT night of college hoops. I cannot wait. I couldn’t choose one game of the night, because all of them have the potential to go down to the wire. PUMPED!!


Written by Salami-Cheese

March 26, 2009 at 9:31 am

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