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Live Game Blog: World Baseball Classic Finals!

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1:42 am – finally it’s over. Darvish K’s some guy. Thanks for tuning in. Apparently this page got 7 page views tonight. That is well worth staying up all night, ripping Rick Sutcliffe. Come back soon for my review of the 2009 World Baseball Classic. Congratulations, Japan.

1:28 am – inning over. Darvish is coming back out. Ichiro is clutch. Korea mismanaged this inning. Who would you rather face? One of the most prolific hitters in baseball history? or Japan’s second hitter with the bases loaded? Why wouldn’t you just walk Ichiro? By walking him, you have the righty-righty match-up, force play at any base, oh, and you don’t have to pitch to ICHIRO! End this game Darvish, I need sleep.

1:23 am – Ichiro works the count and finally gets a ball right down the middle. Come on, Korea. You know better than to give him anything to get a hit. 5-3 Japan takes the lead.

1:22 am – “I just can’t stop thinking about Iwamura and how he started all this with his hit and his stolen base.” Oh my god, Rick. Are you kidding me? It was a slap single and it was an uncontested stolen base

1:17 am – Ichiro is up. DO NOT give him anything to hit. There is a base open.

1:13 am – Uh oh. Iwamura just got a hit. Obviously, Sutcliffe says “I told ya.” SHUT THE fuck UP, Rick. You have been cradling his balls all night and he finally gets a hit and you have the audacity to say I told you so? You’re a piece of shit.

1:06 am – Darvish gets his 3rd K of the inning. Korea used a lot of pinch runners, so it will be interesting on who plays where. Someone end this, I need some sleep.


1:02 am – Let’s go BUM-HO LEE!!! Come on Korea, win this. BUM-HOOOOO.

1:00 am – 0-2. If Darvish is a bad-man, he will throw the heat. Pussssy… K’d Choo with the deuce.

12:58 am – Darvish walks 2 in a row? Uh oh. Shin-Soo Choo coming up? UH OH!! Let’s go KOREA!!! Winning run on first, 1 down.

12:56 am – “there are no losers tonight, everyone is a champion” HAHHAHAAHHAHHAHA. Come on, Rick.

12:53 am – Darvish is dirty. Just threw a 96 MPH for a strike then a disgusting low 90’s slider. Cannot be touched… “Our gun hit 100 and the gun at the stadium hit 100” then it must have been 100 MPH, Sutcliffe.

12:52 am – “this guy is a champion“. Shut your face, Sutcliffe! Where does that come from?

12:50 am Yu Darvish is coming in. Woo Hoo! I love this kid. I love his loyalty to baseball in Japan. He said that he would rather quit baseball than sell out and go to the MLB. He justifies this by sayign that his country needs him. His country needs him to inspire the next generation of baseball players in Japan. He wants to be a part of the development of an even great generation of Japanese baseball. Twenty-two years old.

12:45 amCY Lim should be in the Majors. 95 MPH from the side is un-hittable; no matter where you play in the world. Just struck out some dude to get out of an inning where he gave up a lead of double to Ichiro. Ridiculous stuff.

12:43 am – what? Sutcliffe. What? Ichiro steal 3rd base in this situation? No. Even if he was on 3rd, there is no way he could have tagged up on that short fly ball. WTF? Shut up. Don’t be surprised at what Ichiro does. Ichiro is god. Who the fuck are you? Sutcliffe, you have never stolen a bag in your life.

12:38 am – defense in this game is unbelievable.

11:53 pm – WOW. What an inning for Korea. Shin Soo Choo might have just played his way onto my fantasy team. A home run then an awesome catch at the wall, then a hose into the infield. Then an unbelievable double play by Korea when I thought the 3rd baseman should have gone home. Wow, what a double play. Holy shit. Play of the tournament.

11:47 pm – Did I mention I love small ball? Wow. A steal by Japan and then Ichiro drops down a beauty.

11:41 pm – this game is awesome. Do or die mentality and both teams are trying to pull out all the stops. You miss watching small ball when you are used to the MLB mentality of crushing balls. This is why I like watching amateur baseball. It is really refreshing to watch.

11:35 pm – I just drafted Travis Hafner in my baseball draft with the 212th pick overall. Good? I could have went with Thome. I wouldn’t mind if this game goes to extra’s.

11:21 pm – enough of this playing for the front of the jersey or not caring about playing horseshit. Of course these players care about winning. They wouldn’t be playing unless if they didn’t. The guys who didn’t care opted not to play. This is mostly regarding the American players. This notion has been overplayed. The Koreans and the Japanese care the most, so nobody should question their will to be here. When you see them celebrate after a run or a good play, it should not be a surprise.

11:19 pm – SHIN SOO CHOOOOOO!!! Home run, straight away center. Seoul goes crazy. I go crazy.

11:15 pm – pretty huge strike ’em out throw ’em out double play by Korea. Let’s see if they can build on this momentum

11:03 pm – “table setter. Set that table so the big guys can eat

10:53 pm – does anybody understand Sutcliffe’s love for Akinori Iwamura? He’s good, but I mean Sutcliffe just called him and his Japanese shortstop the best middle in all of baseball. Really?

10:49 pm – wow. 3-0 Calgary leading the Red Wings. When the Red Wings get beat, they get beat BAD. Half a game left. I would love to see the Wings come back. Franzen game winner.

10:36 pm – HUUUGE double play by Korea to get out of a bases loaded jam. I love watching doubles plays. Love ’em! Bong’s off-speed stuff is really good.

10:32 pm – Japan is starting to light it up a little bit. “Light” is italicized because they only hit singles. “You pick a guy at DH to do some damage.” No shit, Sutcliffe.

10:25 pm – live blogs for hockey are easier than baseball. I am rusty at this.

10:01 pm – end of 1 inning. 0-0. Sutcliffe making himself look like an asshole.

9:52 pm – just after Sutcliffe says how good defensively Korea’s catcher is, he drops a deuce that would have been called a strike, but he didn’t catch it. We catch strikes in America.

9:46 pm – Sutcliffe giving kudos to JK Bong for an elementary play on a come backer. Also giving Ichiro props for not going to 3rd base when the ball was weakly hit back to the pitcher. Are you kidding me, Rick. Now he’s talking about Bong’s emotions. How the fuck do you know what he is feeling, Rick?

9:43 pm – Japan employing small ball. Beautiful. I love this strategy in getting the first run in an important game.

9:38 pm – “Ichiro has to hit a home run“. Sutcliffe starts the game off strong.

9:31 pm – we are starting up. Joe Morgan and John Miller really should be doing this game. I hate this little montage/introduction. Is this the best they can do? It looks like my 11th grade media arts project. Btw, New Jersey has to start hitting the net. Go Flyers.

9:25 pm – hey everyone. I haven’t done this in a while, so I could be a little rusty. I am just watching the Flyers – Devils on TSN until Sportsnet starts their coverage of the World Baseball Classic finals between defending champion, Japan against Korea. They have already played 4 times this WBC and they have split the games. I picked Korea from the beginning of the tournament, so I cant’t go back on them now. Remember, I am primarily doing this to point out the reduntantcy of former pitcher and current WBC commentator, Rick Stucliffe.


Written by Salami-Cheese

March 23, 2009 at 8:26 pm

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