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Fantasy 50MC: Everybody Hates Matt…

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Here is another Fantasy Baseball article for fantasy heads like me. I think I am done posting fantasy stuff on my other wordpress site, Soft Core Fantasy Sports, because I don’t update it; and thus, nobody goes to it.

Can we all agree that Matt Holliday is a really really really good player? It has been well-documented (almost too much) on how Holliday is destined to struggle this year. He goes from heaven to an idea of hell, from my back yard to the golf course, from Coors to the Coliseum. But is he really going to be that bad? Since the trade, I have been reading articles on the internet telling me that Holliday’s number will decrease. I understand that they will decrease, but to the point that makes the 9th (from 3rd) best fantasy outfielders in the league? Come on Matthew Barry, are you fucking kidding me? I don’t really like listening/reading “Talented Mr. Roto”, who was bought out by ESPN, because he is a loud mouth, know-it-all, but I respect his opinion.

Listen. As I mentioned, Matt Holliday is a great player. No matter where you play, talent trumps everything else. He has a great swing, he is one of the most athletic players in the league and it’s his contract year. Ahh yes, the all-powerful contract year. Holliday is going to use this season in the Coliseum to prove that he is not a product of Coors. Holliday has a great work ethic, and does not need much motivation, but if he does, he will use his contract and the nay-sayers as motivation. Oh yeah, his agent is that dick, Scott Boras.

If you are a Holliday owner, read this very interesting article. It cancels out every negative article that you will read on Holliday’s production this season.

If you are in your draft, let your friends continue bad mouthing Holliday and even add to it. Let him fall til the 3rd round (aroud 30th) and steal him in the 3rd round. Even if you grab him in the 2nd round, you’re good, but it’s not much of a steal. I would expect him to continue to hit .300+, a decrease in home runs (20-25) and 100 rbi’s. Regarding his 28 steals las year, I think those are his ceiling. Holliday is a natural athlete and will be allowed to steal if given the opportunity. The A’s are believed not to be a running team, but I would still give Holliday around 15 steals. Are those numbers that bad?

Sorry I thought I was done, but have one more thing to add. Billy Beane is a smart/rational general manager. He

realizes that he has a major bargaining chip in Holliday. If he plays out the season with Oakland and let’s him walk at the end of the season, Beane gets 2 supplementary draft picks. If Oakland struggles (which is likely) some team will pay an absolute premium price for Holliday just to stay in the race (yeah, Boston, I’m looking at you). A mid-season trade anywhere would surely bump Holliday’s numbers.


Written by Salami-Cheese

March 23, 2009 at 9:29 am

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