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Round 1 & 2 Prediction Results

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Round 1 Day 1: 14-2 Good day 1. My only loses was Michigan’s upset of Clemson and my gut feeling for Minny beating Texas.

Round 1 Day 2: 12-4 My least productive day. On this day I decided to play Proline and Pitt f’d me early. I wish Pitt just lost.

Round 2 Day 3: 8-0 Not a hard day to predict. Most entertaining day of the tourney so far. WKU vs Gonzaga is the game of the tournament.

Round 2, Day 4: 7-1 No upsets. Lost the 12 vs 13 game. I wish Pitt lost.

overall record: 41-7

Not bad. As I predicted, there weren’t going to be as many upsets… Siena was a nice surprise, but they played too out of control… My dark horse still remains Purdue!!… Duke will beat Villanova in the Sweet Sixteen. Here is why. Villanova overachieved last game. They only hit 5 3-pointers a game and on Saturday, they hit 5 within the first 3 minutes. They were also playing on their home court and the crowd really motivated them, especially in their first game. Duke played at home as well, but there were more UNC fans in Greensboro than there were Dukies… How bad does Pitt look… Some guy base their entire draft value on this tournament (i.e. Patrick O’Bryant), and then there is the case of James Harden from ASU, who is supposed to be a top 5 pick. His value definitly took a hit with his lackluster play this weekend… I thought Taj Gibson (USC) graduated…

Rocket from Mizzzoooo

Rocket from Mizzzoooo


Written by Salami-Cheese

March 22, 2009 at 8:24 pm

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