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Day 3 NCAA March Madness Predictions

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Day 2 was rough. Wake went down. Florida State went down. The ACC is not looking so good. Dammit. FSU looked like they were playing so well at the end of the year. I am still standing by my word saying that Pitt will be the first #1 gone. Let’s check out Day 3.

1:05 pm Villanova (3) over UCLA (6) – UCLA just does not have the fire power like they have had in the past. Villanova is playing at home and although they got off to a slow start last game, they won’t let that happen this game.

3:20 pm Memphis (2) over Maryland (10) – Another ACC team goes down. The only thing Memphis has to do is contain Greivas Vazquez.

3:35 pm UCONN (1) over Texas A&M (9) – The Aggies got a first round win for me, and I an satisfied with that. UCONN is too strong and overpowers the Aggies at every position.

5:40 pm Purdue (5) over Washington (4) – Will be tight, but Purdue is my darkhorse team. They can’t let me down 3 days into the tourney. FSU and Wake were my other horses. Please Boilermakers, don’t let me down.

5:45 pm UNC (1) over LSU (8) – Ty Lawson should be back for this game. If anything, it will be treated as a conditioning stint for him.

5:50 pm Oklahoma (2) over Michigan (10) – Bubble team needs to leave before it busts more brackets. Blake Griffin will have another strong game – flipped over or not.

8:10 pm Gonzaga (4) over Western Kentucky (12) – I think this game has the potential to be a thriller. WKU is an interesting team and always finds a way to surprise in March. Gonzaga is a good dark horse team because they were also a good March team. My early pick for game of the night.

8:15 pm Duke (2) over Texas (7) – Will be a good game. I am obviously pulling real hard for Duke, but Texas matches up well, which makes me anxious a little bit. AJ Abrams doesn’t scare me as much as Dexter Pittman does. I have no trust in Brian Zoubek (or any other big white 7 footer in college basketball. I.e. BJ Mullins) and Lance Thomas is a little slender to cover him. Dave McClure is a defensive specialist, so he is a good possibility. I don’t want Kyle Singler guarding him, fearing that he will be overmatched and forced to foul. I think that Duke should play an aggressive man to man and deny the hell out of Dexter Pittman. They only place he should get the ball is 15-20 feet from the basket.


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March 21, 2009 at 11:02 am

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