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NCAA Day 1 Observations… so far.

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The day is not done yet. As of the moment, I am watching Villanova make a small comeback against American.So this could work as a mini-live game blog. enjoy.

  • #15 for American is shit. Ya, I called him “#15” because I’m not going to bother look him up because of how much he sucks
  • American is proving that guard play is the most important part of winning in this tournament. If you can take care of the ball and shoot, you will go far. Front court strength is over-rated in March. You can’t do much with a dominating 6’10” center 22 feet from the basket.
  • Dick Enberg is AWESOME!! No sign of Gus Johnson, yet. Tomorrow for sure.
  • apparently I posted here that I took Minnesota to win when I had Texas on my facebook bracket. Same goes for BYU/Texas A&M.
  • is Garrison Carr the new Stephen Curry?
  • it’s my friends’ (plural) birthday tonight. We are going to a Firkin pub in Pickering. If they don’t have the Duke game on or the VCU/UCLA game on, I’m leaving.
  • I left class today to watch the end of the Memphis game only to get there and find out Memphis went on a 20-6 run to end the game. Weeeeeeak. I wanted to see the biggest upset since David Cook beat David Archuleta.

Written by Salami-Cheese

March 19, 2009 at 7:44 pm

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