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NCAA March Madness Day 1 Preview.

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WOOOOOO! I am back. I was unable to post for the past few days due to papers, etc. I hope everyone had a swell St. Pat’s day. The NCAA tournament starts tomorrow, which is my version of Christmas. So let’s take a look at tomorrow’s games!


12:25 PM (2) Memphis over (15) CSU Northridge –Don’t know too much about CSU, but I know Memphis will win this game. I think Memphis has a lot to prove in this tournament to defend their 31-3 recor, which were mostly against teams that… suck.

12:30 PM (9) Texas A&M over (8) BYU (25-7) – Let’s see. My cousins went to A&M and Rafael Arujao went to BYU. I am going with A&M because apparently nothing worth living comes out of BYU.

2:30 PM (5) Purdue (25-9) over (12) Northern Iowa (23-10) – Purdue is playing some of the best basketball I have seen recently. They have a good combination of guys who can shoot and penetrate. I expect them to make a strong run. You have to expect that Iowa will be able to shoot, though. So watch for the 3’s to come early.

2:55 pm (10) Maryland (20-13) over (7) California (22-10) – I like Maryland. They come to play whenever there is a big game. They have a win under UNC under their belt and I tend never to doubt ACC teams (especially against PAC-10). Oh yeah, and I have a cousin that is a Terrapin alumni as well.

3:00 pm (1) UCONN (27-4) over (16) Chattanooooooga (18-16) – The #1 vs #16 streak continues.

4:55 pm (4) Washington (25-8) over Mississippi St. (23-12) – I was really impressed with Miss. St this past weekend when they won the SEC, but Washington is just too strong. For Miss, Jarvis Varnardo looks like he will be in the NBA someday.


7:10 pm (10) Minnesota (22-10) over (7) Texas (22-11) – Gut feeling here. It’s a toss up for me. Tubby Smith works magic in March, but the Gophers are a really young team. They have a win over Louisville, but it was early. A guy from my hometown plays for Minny, so Minny it is.

7:20 pm (3) Villanova (26-7) vs (14) American (24-7) – Would anyone dare go against Villanova playing in Philly?

9:40 pm (2) Duke (28-6) over (15) Binghamton (23-8) – Duke makes me nervous this time of year, but I think they have learned over the past 2 tournaments. Duke is peaking at the right time of year, poised to make a run at Pitt.

9:50 pm (6) UCLA (25-8) over (11) VCU (24-9) – this is everyone’s favorite upset pick. Erick Maynor is very good. Very good. They ousted Duke 2 years ago. UCLA disappointed me this season. Did they ever SUCK. But I just don’t think they will lose. Hopefully Collison can contain Maynor and Jrue Holiday can finally prove something to me.


12:20 pm (8) LSU (26-7) over (9) Butler (26-5) – Toss up. I think I still have tapeworms in my belly.

2:50 pm (1) North Carolina (28-4) over (16) Radford (21-11) – Next.

7:10 pm (7) Clemson (23-8) over (10) Michigan (20-13) – Michigan was a bubble team, they are lucky to have gotten a 10, let alone in the tourney. The Tigers were horrible down the stretch, but still good enough to beat the Wolves. Plus, I spent my 18th birthday at Clemson’s campus on a recruiting trip.

7:25 pm (4) Gonzaga (24-5) over (13) Akron (23-12) – Zags.

9:40 pm (2) Oklahoma (27-5) vs (15) Morgan St. (23-11) – Does anyone else play on the team other than Blake Griffin? It doesn’t matter becaus he can probable beat MSU on his own.

9:55 pm (12) Western Kentucky (24-8) over (5) Illinois 24-9) – This is based on Illinois horrible showing this past weekend in the Big Ten tourney. Terrible effort. WKU has some good tournament experience to pull this off.

There it is folks. That is day 1. Not many upsets, but this is the way I see it. Remember: there are no clear cut #1’s anymore, there is more parity, but the good teams are much better than the bad teams.

Players to watch out for on Day :

  • Blake Griffin, OU
  • Erick Maynor, VCU
  • Jarvis Varnardo, Miss St.
  • Hasheem Thabeet, UCONN
  • everyone on Purdue.
  • Demar DeRozen, USC
  • Tyreke Evans, Memphis
  • Jrue Holiday, UCLA

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March 18, 2009 at 7:55 am

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