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Must Read: Stubby Stumps for Canada.

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Great article by Gordon Edes from Yahoo! Sports. It chronicles the career of the legendary Canadian baseball player, Stubby Clapp. I wish I had posted this before the World Baseball Classic because it was written during Canada’s exhibition series’ in Florida. Stubby Clapp is a Canadian Icon. He only played 23 games in the Majors, yet he is admired by fans across the country. During the Canada-Italy game, when I saw him come into the on-deck circle to pinch hit, I immediately rose from my seat and yelled and screamed. The other 14,000 followed suit and began chanting “Stubby! Stubby!” You could not find a louder 14,000 people in the world. I believe the reason why he is so admired is because he embodies everything that you want a professional athlete to be: hard working, he hustles and he is a grinder. His Canadian citizenship only makes it that much better. Read it.

One sport venerates heroes with nicknames like The Rocket, Boom-Boom, The Flying Frenchman, and The Great One.

The other still reserves its greatest affection for a 36-year-old undersized infielder known as Stubby.

Read Full Article.


Written by Salami-Cheese

March 12, 2009 at 10:12 am

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