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Fashion Faux Pas at the World Baseball Classic.

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This past weekend, I went to the best baseball game I have ever been in the SkyDome and two days later, I went to the worst. What made Canada’s two losses even more unbearable are the questionable style choices I saw at the World Baseball Classic in Toronto. I would just like to say that I wish I had more pictures of people and better quality of the two pictures I have.

dsc04538_I had the luxury of sitting in front of this guy. Really, are we still wearing those hats? Thank you Roots and the 1996 Olympics for bringing Canada these things. I remember back in elementary school, everyone was wearing these. EVERYONE!. You don’t even know. At one point, when I was 12, I even wanted one. Then I realized everyone who wore them looked like Monica Lewinski’s step brother. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for showing off Canadian pride, but come on. Is this the best you got?

This is the same guy that continued to get up and get beer or go to the washroom in the middle of the inning!! What are you… new? Next.

Before I go to another fashion faux pas, I will give you guys a bonus faux pas because I really want to tell you what I heard during the Canada-USA game. Whether he plays for the New York Yankees or Team USA, Derek Jeter gets booo’d at the SkyDome. So after everyone is done booing, I hear this quick-witted fellow yell out from a few rows back:

Hey Jeter, Alyssa Milano called.

She said that you were… … … bad!

Wow. First off, can I please tell you how much I despise when fans in the 500 level try to chirp players. What’s the point? They can’t hear you and for that, you make yourself look like Helen Keller. This chirp started off pretty good. He used one of Jeter’s ex’s – and a rarely used one at that. But then where does it go from there? Downhill. There was about 5-6 seconds between “were” and “bad”. If you’re going to come with that, stay at home. Next.

dsc04533_Then there is this guy. I wish I had a better quality picture and I apologize, but you get the point. Let me go through what this guy’s thought bubble was before he left the house:

Nice. I got my Team Canada Jason Bay jersey on and my black jeans on. No hat. Damn. That’s alright, I am confident enough to show off my peanut shaped bald head. Hey, you know what might be a good look?… if I tuck this jersey in – just like Jason Bay would do. (tucks jersey into jeans). Yeah. This is definitely the look I want to go with. Head up, back straight. Confidence.

I’m all for wearing jerseys to games. Why not? That’s why you get them in the first place, right? But I mean come on! Let it hang. Or don’t look like such a square if you actually decide to shove it in your Jordache’s.

A lot of people were wearing Canada hockey jerseys, which I don’t have a problem with. Like I said before, I promote natioanl pride and showing it.

There were also a tremendous amount of people wearing World Baseball Classic Team Canada hats. Can you blame them? Well no, but when I was a teenager playing baseball, I remember when wearing a Team Canada baseball hat meant that you actually played on the team or competed at nationals. They actually meant something to me. Now anyone can buy them, which is cool, but the hat has lost all distinction.


Written by Salami-Cheese

March 10, 2009 at 7:53 pm

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