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Game 1: Team Canada Baseball notes.

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Just some observations from the game today, focusing on team Canada.

  • why did Russel Martin have “J. Martin” on the back of his jersey?
  • I realize that pitchers have a 70 pitch maximum, but that doesn’t mean every pitcher has to throw 70 pitches. That being said, Canadian starter Mike Johnson should have been pulled after he gave up the 2-run shot to Brian McCann. At that point he was closing in on 50 pitches.
  • according to the Jumbotron at the Dome and the official press release of the game summary, there were 42,314 people at the game. It seemed like there were A LOT more.
  • Joey Votto is the new face of Baseball Canada
  • how relieved was JJ Putz that he got Jason Bay to pop out for the last out of the game? He has been shaky this spring and he probably didn’t want to face left Matt Stairs, if he allowed Bay to get on.
  • it was awesome to see Philippe Aumont pitch today. He was drafted 11th overall in 2007 to the Seattle Mariners. He has filthy stuff and had a great fist pump when he got Chipper Jones to strike out swinging.
  • it was also good to see Team Ontario grads Chris Leroux and David Davidson to get some action.
  • Justin Moreau didn’t produce today. Jason Bay had 3 walks, but he didn’t really show much at the plate.
  • where was Stubby Clap? Does Canada not have a better option at shortstop than Chris Barnwell? Did he have to leadoff?

Written by Salami-Cheese

March 7, 2009 at 10:18 pm

Posted in Baseball

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