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World Beisbol Classique 2009 – Toronto.

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I am pumped for the World Baseball Classic tomorrow. Pumped. I am so happy that the preliminary games are going to be played in Toronto. Naturally, I am going with all of my baseball buds to see the Canada US rematch. Not too sure if Canada can pull it off again this year, though. We have the bats, but our pitching is not deep. The US’ pitching isn’t deep either, but they have a lot more quality arms than we do. Here are some random thoughts on the World Baseball Classic ’09.

  • with Canada’s pitching being so shallow, I really believe that Adam Loewen should have opted to pitch for Canada. He didn’t make the team this year, probably because Canada’s bats are so strong. Had he optioned himself as a pitcher, he would have made it. He was drafted 4th overall for F sake. He probably has better stuff than Scott Richmond.
  • the USA should come out on top in the Toronto Prelims. The only thing that worries me about them is their starting pitching. They have Peavy, Oswalt, Lilly and Guthrie. The Chicago Cubs probably have a better rotation.
  • I expect Jake Peavy to get the start tomorrow against Canada. He may get ripped. He is a right handed pitcher up against a predominantly left handed lineup. On the other hand, Scott Richmond will likely start vs the USA. Left handed or right handed, the USA will light up Richie.
  • I can’t wait to see Derek Jeter tomorrow. I was tempted to wear my Jeter jersey, but national pride trumps the greatest player since Mickey Mantle.
  • if I was a GM, I wouldn’t allow my pitchers to throw in the WBC. Imagine a USA rotation that included Sabathia, Halladay,Tim Lincecum and Cole Hamels?
  • I have played with 3 guys on team Canada.
  • Notice how I tried to make the title of this post as global as I could?

Like I said I can’t wait for tomorrow. Taking the subway from Warden St early. Meet up with some homies at the Loose Moose. Enter the SkyDome for BP. Purchase a Domincan Republic hat and a Yu Darvish shirt. Rock out with my own Canada baseball jersey. GO CANADA!!


Written by Salami-Cheese

March 6, 2009 at 5:42 pm

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  1. Nice post.

    ING Annuities

    March 7, 2009 at 7:05 am

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