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Report: NY Rangers are 51-23-13 w/ Sean Avery; Undefeated w/ Antropov.

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The New York Rangers are going to go on a run. New coach, new system, new players, new atmosphere. The New York Rangers have forgotten already that February every happened. Ever since John Tortorella was hired on, this team looks more energetic and focused on finishing off the season strong.

The Rangers cannot lose with Sean Avery. Since last year, the Rangers are 51-23-13. Unreal. Many questioned the relationship that he would have with Tortorella, but I didn’t believe it would be a problem. Sure, Torts wasn’t such a big fan of Avery at the start of the season, but Avery is one of those guys who you love having on your team and hate if he’s on the other. New York is the only place he can play. Why? Because he makes this team better and his team mates accept him. He was born to play in NYC.

As for Nik Antropov, how good does he look in that red, white and blue? I’ve always been a big Antropov fan. He was hated here in T.O, but I suspected he would be a decent NHL’er. Great fisherman too. Nothing better than waking up on Saturday morning to watching Antropov reel in lrge mouths. Anyways, I watched a little bit of the game last night and he fit right in with Chris Drury and Brandon Dubinsky. At one point he was leading all NY forward in ice time. He also recorded an assist last night on the powerplay. This is going to be a good fit for Antropov, who gives the Rangers two decent scoring lines that should be able to score more often now than in February.

All this team needs to do is score 3 goals a game because Lundqvist will only let in 2 goals at the most each game. It is when Lundy feels like he has to do too much to compensate for his team’s lack of scoring when he gives up the most goals. I expect the Rangers to beat the plummeting Bruins on Sunday (let me guess, it’s on NBC).


Written by Salami-Cheese

March 6, 2009 at 6:36 pm

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