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NHL Trade Deadline ’09 Recap.

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Here is the recap of today’s events. It was a slower day than past deadlines. Apparently I understood wrong. When I heard that there were 25 trades during the deadline for the past 2 years, they did not count the trades that occurred before the deadline. I still would have taken under 25.5

  • 22 Trades.
  • 45 Players involved (same as last year).
  • 21 Draft picks (only 1 first rounder).
  • Most significant trade: Olli Jokinen to the Flames.
  • Most insignificant trade: Andy Wozniewski to Pittsburgh for Danny Richmond.
  • Biggest surprise: Jay Bouwmeester stays put; no moves by Montreal or Washington.
  • Worst kept secret: Pierre McGuire at some point in the day will go crazy.
  • Trade that will turn out to be a good fit: Daniel Carcillo to the Flyers; Antropov to the Rangers.
  • Worst Coverage: Sorry fellas. I’m sure you had updates, but I never saw them because the site never worked. ESPN could have been better also. All they had was a page of text and they called it a deadline blog. You are fuckin ESPN for Christ’s sake! I think I learned more from Pierre LeBrun when he was on Sportsnet than on his contribution to the ESPN coverage.
  • Best Coverage: I am going to have to go with Sportsnet. TSN was too focused on the glitz of the day. Sportsnet was all business. While The Reporters were discussing alternatives to Tiger Balm, Sportsnet announced deals right away.
  • Best WordPress Coverage: Stars Scene, Scott Feschuk @, The Lowdown Blog, Pittsburgh Puck Talk,
  • Biggest winner: Calgary Flames
  • Biggest Loser(s): Michael Farber and Dave Naylor from The Reporters. Throw Bruce Garrioch in there too.

That is finally it… My live Deadline blog seemed to be a hit, as it garnered over 200 hits. The most hits I have received for any of my pages until then was 8…Hardly any of my deals I would have liked to see panned out… Join me again sometime soon as I venture into the world of blogging.


Written by Salami-Cheese

March 5, 2009 at 1:55 am

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