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Must Read: “Top 11: Sports fans we love to hate”

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A hilarious, yet very true article by “Alex” from fellow WordPress member, Seattle Sportsnet, that every sports fan can absolutely relate to. I read the whole article and couldn’t wait to get to #1 and it definitely did not disappoint… enjoy.

I absolutely hate this guy specifically:

7. The Guy Who Knows Everything, But Doesn’t Know Anything.

Vital signs: Friends who are less informed about the sport; a know-it-all approach to life.

Reason we hate them: Everything that TGWKEBDKA says is flat-out wrong, just wrong.  He thinks he’s teaching someone the nuances of the game, but really he’s just making us miserable.  He flubs players’ names again and again, recites fictional stats, shows no partiality towards either team, and vocally questions the decision-making of the players and coaches.

Read full article.


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March 3, 2009 at 2:42 am

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