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East Bound and Down: The Best Sports Sitcom on TV.

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Tonight I watched a show that my girlfriend recommended to me. It stars Danny McBride. You know, the pyro technics guy from Tropic Thunder or Red from Pineapple Express. You know, that guy. Actually in that last picture, he kind of looks like how Jonah Hill would look like in a few years. Anyways, Danny McBride stars in HBO’s East Bound and Down. He plays Kenny Powers, who is an ignorant, run-your-mouth, self-appreciating, narcissistic ex-relief pitcher for New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners and Atlanta Braves from the southern United States. Sound familiar? Well the first 7 minutes of “Chapter 1” of the series will remind you of the career of ignorant, run-your-mouth, self appreciating, narcisstic, John Rocker. I forgot to mention that Kenny has a mullet that makes Barry Melrose look like Barry Manilow.

The show follows Kenny Powers after he has kicked his glove for the last time and run himself out of baseball. He now lives with his southern-Catholic brother, who is a husband and father of 3. While waiting for Gatorade endorsements to go through and for MLB teams to call him on his sister-in-law’s cell phone, he has taken a job as a substitute teacher at the local high school. Long story short, he reminds himself he is the champion of life and decides to stop living in the past and embrace his new life with old acquaintances.

The show is hilarious. If you enjoy Danny McBride and his former work and that kind of comedy, you will love this show. It is on HBO, so there is a lot of F-bombs and bare boobs. Not to mention the occasional ass shot of Kenny. Watch it. You won’t be disappointed.


Written by Salami-Cheese

March 3, 2009 at 4:50 am

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