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Deadline Trade(s) I Would Like to See pt. 6.

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This will be my last “Deadline trade I would like to see” for this hockey season. Deadline is 20 hours away and there are 12 games on tap tonight, so there should be a lot of action throughout the league. Here are a few qucik hitters again:

Nashville Predators trades the rights of Alexander Radulov for to Washington for 2009 4th Round pick and conditional 2010 2nd Round pick (condition: Radulov comes back and signs with Washington).

Alexander Radulov is already hated in Nashville for fleeing the country. If his rights were to get shipped out of town, everyone from Barry Melrose to Barry Manilow will be breaking guitars in Music City. This is not really a deal that has to be done at the deadline because there is no way that Radulov comes to play this year. But it’s nice to see Radulov’s name in some news once in a while. Radulov is buddies with Ovechkin and Semin and probably has connections with Fedorov, so this seems like an ideal fit for Radulov. However, if I was Nashville, I would not send him to a place opposite of an idea situation for him. A place where he will suffer in the NHL. A place like… Long Island.

Minnesota Wild trades Marian Gaborik to anyone for a 1st Round pick, 2010 2nd Round pick, and top tier prospect.

Marian Gaborik is a great player when he plays. Minnesota should get rid of this headache before it’s too late. They should have gotten rid of him last year when he was actually playing and his value was at an all time high. The reality is: Gaborik is always injured. He is always out with some kind of groin strain. If it is not his groin, it’s his ankle or it’s the flu or he strained his dick. They had just signed Backstrom and Gaborik is going to demand a lot of money when it is his turn. Minny can still get a decent return for some desperate team that is willing to pay for it. Ie. Montreal or Pittsburgh or NY Rangers. Even Edmonton will pay up.

Any forward with 30 goal potential to the New York Rangers for Ryan Callahan and a high pick.

Why? Why not? Rangers suck. Rangers can’t score. Until their 6 goal breakout vs the Avalanche, they hadn’t scored more than 2 goals in a game for more than 5 years. Exaggeration, but it was a long time. The only problem for the Ragners is that I don’t now if they have the cap space or the assets to accomodate a trade that will bring in such a player. What kind of 30 goal names are out there: St. Louis, Frolov, Hejduk. Ok they might be in over their head with those guys. They may have to settle for Erik Cole, Keith Tkachuk or Mark Recchi. Ouch.

Radulov at a Russian beach.

Radulov at a Russian beach.


Written by Salami-Cheese

March 3, 2009 at 11:57 pm

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