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Deadline Trade(s) I Would Like to See pt. 5.

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I am just going to run off a bunch of quick hit deals that would make sense to happen from now until tomorrow’s deadline.

Vancouver trade Mattias Ohlund and a2nd or 3rd round pick to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Pavel Kubina.

Vancouver GM Mike Gillis has announced to the world that he is a buyer. He has a few chips in his corner, including a pending UFA this summer in Mattias Ohlund. Ohlund would be traded to the Leafs, where he would be let go at the end of the year. This would free up cap space for the Leafs to prepare for off-season signings. For the Canucks, they will be able to get decent value from a guy that will probably leave for nothing at season’s end. Pavel Kubina is no slouch. He has a Stanley Cup ring in his back pocket, a heavy shot (as opposed to a hard shot. What the difference Pierre?), and can man the powerplay.

Both sides get what they want: Leafs get a decent draft pick, and the Canucks don’t allow one of their players to walk at the end of the season for nothing.

Vincent Lecavalier and Jason Spezza do not get traded.

Let’s be real for a second here. These two have just signed long term deals. They are both top-notch skilled bonifide first line centers. They play for shitty teams. But despite what you hear, these guys are not going to be traded. Tampa Bay and Ottawa need to build around these two guys, rather than trade them for assets. As much as it would be exciting to see a guy of this kind of calibre get traded, it is unrealistic and highly irrational of the general managers part. If they want assets, keep losing, so you can get a high draft pick because the seasons for both these teams are a wash.

Maple Leafs trade Dominic Moore/Matt Stajan to anybody for a decent draft pick.

The values of these two guys will never be higher while playing for the Leafs. Despite what Brian Burke says about playoffs, he wants this team to lose so he can rebuild from the ground up his way. His ego is too large to let anybody else touch his current project in bringing the cup to Toronto. This makes sense for the Leafs as they grab more future draft picks and any other other team that is struggling to find depth centers: Chicago, Columbus even Washington.

Phoenix Coyotes trade Derek Morris to Boston for anything.

Rumors indicate that Boston is interested in Chris Pronger. It is likely to cost them Phil Kessel and/or Patrice Bergeron. Are you fuckin’ kidding me? As much as everyone in the NHL would like to see 6’6″ Chris Pronger line up on the blue line with 6’8″ Zdeno Chara, it will cost the Bruins too much. Bergeron is expendible because nobody knew if he will ever bounce back from his concussion. But telling Kessel to peace out after his break out season this year? I don’t now if it’s worth it from Boston. Instead, Derek Morris, is a viable option for the B’s. He gives them good defensive size that Pronger has, and doesn’t need to run the powerply because Chara and Wideman already do.

Buffalo trades Maxim Afinogenov to the Edmonton Oilers for free zamboni repairs for the rest of Maxim’s term.

Why not? It wouldn’t cost the Oilers much except for the cap hit. They are probably going to get rid of Erik Cole anyways. Why not line up Afinogenov with Hemsky and see if Afino can still do something with his career.

that’s all for now, I have to get paper-writing. Plus internet speed isn’t exactly premium at the library.


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