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9:20 pm – Game over. “Yan ‘Danny’ continues to be a good story for the Islanders”. Smyth enjoys a welcome comeback to the Island. Pretty decent game, for what it was. Many expected this to be a brutal game, and at some points it was, but it made for an up and down game with a lot of chances.

9:17 pm – good pressure from the Avs with 1 minute left. Down by 2 with 1 minute left. Too little too late. Trying to think of another trade I would like to see at the deadline. Pronger? Nah, too many people have touched that one. J-Bo. Even more so. Antropov? Already did a Leafs possibility. Another good chance for the Avs.

8:58 pm – Goal Tambellini. The crowd shows as much enthusiasm as I have for Jimmy Fallon’s debut on the Tonight Show. Versus announcer is pronouncing Danis “Danny”.

8:54 pmHow I Met Your Mother is such a funny show. Goal Smyth.

8:41 pm – the boys (Ferraro, Dregs and Bobby Mac) at TSN during intermission talk Pronger and Jay Bouwmeester. Nobody thinks J-Bo will get traded, Ray Ferraro thinks Pronger will get traded (by default because Duthie begged someone to pick someone to get traded).

8:31 pm – powerplay for the Avs. I wondered what the big deal was about Jordan Leopold. I didn’t know he manned the powerplay. That adds a bit of value. Then again, someone has to, even for terrible teams. I am impressed with Kyle Okposo. He is out on the kill and is doing a swell job. He is going ot be a good one. Hejduk finds Smyth at the side of the net. Too bad Smyth doesn’t have a stick on his skates because that’s where the pass went.

8:20 pm – game is getting a little sloppy. If you told me that these were two of the worst teams in the league, I would believe you. Sloppy play opens up the game, though. Goal Bruno Gervais. Jon Sim has assisted on all 3 goals. Bruno’s first goals in 161 games.

8:12 pm – I knew this was going to be an entertaining game. Lots of good chances for both teams. The dude that just got called up, Juensuu scored. Colorado misses on a good 2 on 1 chance.

7:11 pm – Ryan Smyth’s first touch of the puck and Islander Pride booooooo’s. I guess they didn’t appreciate the month and a half of service. There are more people in my basement than at the game.

7:07 pm – just saw the new Molson Canadian commercial. Pretty good. If anybody is reading, keep an eye out for Ryan Smyth’s gigantic knob at the end of his hockey shaft (..that’s what she said?). Raycroft vs Danis.

7:01 pm – James Duthie has just admitted that this game is “not great”. I decided to do a game blog while watching the game. I just won\’t updated as frequently because I have homework.


Written by Salami-Cheese

March 3, 2009 at 12:02 am

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