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PTI Reaction to Cherry vs Ovechkin: “I hope Ovechkin hits him with a stick.”

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Don Cherry is no longer Michael Wilbon’s “boy”. On Pardon The Interruption today, during “mail time” they discussed the often discussed feud that Don Cherry has with Alexander Ovechkin and the rest of European hockey. Personally, I like Cherry and his story telling. His opinion of politics and hatred of European hockey is another story. He needs to understand that the sport is growing and countries are catching up to Canadian hockey development. He refuses to realize this and it is disturbing to witness.

Anyway, PTI on Cherry vs Ovechkin:

Wilbon: Don cherry should tone it down, but he won’t… he defends golden boy Sidney Crosby because Ovechkin has been taking it to Crosby… Cherry is like Archie Bunker… This big Russian kid is the best player in the NHL and Cherry knows it.

I like it when PTI talks about the NHL because it shows that the NHL has penetrated a major show on a major US network (ESPN). I also like Wilbon’s comparison of Cherry to Bunker. I love the show and respect Wilbon’s and Kornheiser’s. And although they concentrate of football (Tony) and basketball (Michael), they have a decent amount of knowledge about the NHL.

Video – Coaches Corner: Cherry vs Ovechkin, et al.


Written by Salami-Cheese

March 2, 2009 at 11:06 pm

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