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50MC Game Preview: An All-Star Game with No All-Stars.

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The game of the night happens to feature the two last place teams in the Western and Eastern conference – the Colorado Avalanche vs the New York Islanders. This game will be on Versus as well as TSN, here in Canada. Statistically, this could possibly be the worst game ever to be nationally televised. Fellow WordPress member and legendary blogger, Puck the Media, seems to think so as well.

However, this is not about how bad the game will be, it is about the ping pong balls. I actually think the game will be pretty good. These two teams will try their best to lose this game, which means no defense, more open play and good scoring chance. Picture an All-Star game with no all-stars. Ha. That’s not a bad tagline for this game. I just updated the title of this blog.

The Islanders may have an edge because they are Guerin-less and they don’t seem to care because they have been terrible for so long. On the other hand, the Avalanche still have some pride lingering from their glory days in the 90’s, so they are still playing to uphold that reputation.

If anything, this game will feature two teams that have not been on national TV nor will they for a while. Every team deserves to have some recognition. In a day in age when hokey is struggling in more and more cities in the US, having two teams other than the Rangers and Penguins on Versus or NBC is not always a bad for promoting the game. I mean, who wants to see Lundqvist and Crosby every weekend. I’m looking forward to seeing a showdown between Joey McDonald and Ian Laperriere.

Seriously, both of these teams boast some really good young talent. For the Avs, Paul Stastny and Woytek Wolski are the absolute future of the franchise. Without these two to build around, the Avs are lost. The Islanders boast younger talent in Josh Bailey and Kyle Okposo, who are two of the rising baby stars of the NHL. It will be good for them to finally get some face time with the rest of North America.

One more note: Tonight is also the return of Ryan Smyth to Long Island. Yeah, remember, he played there once. Will Islander pride BOOO the return of Ryan Smyth for leaving the Isle after playing there for a month and a half 2 years ago before splitting for Colorado? Just another thing to watch for. Or not.

Probably not a full Live Game Blog tonight because I know I won’t feel like watching the whole game. I’ll make some updates periodically during the game.


Written by Salami-Cheese

March 2, 2009 at 3:02 pm

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