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Mission Cap of the Night: Stephon Marbury.

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Congratulations Stephon Marbury and welcome back to the NBA. Last time I saw Steph play, he didn’t have that wierd tattoo at the side of his head. It’s a little weird. Starbury was finally waived by the New York Knicks on Thursday and immediately picked up by the Boston Celtics on Friday and made his debut the same night. He did not start, but gladly smiled onto the court when is number was called (#8) and was given a standing ovation by Celtic Pride. All of the running in the mountains really helped maintain Starbury’s level of play as he scored 8 points (4-6) in 13 minutes of play after not playing a game since last season.

This is a great move for both sides. Celtics need some back court help and Steph needs to play. Having a guy who is still capable to put up 20 pts and 8 assists every night does not deserve to sit on the bench. New York  handled the Marbury situation very poorly. They should have waived him at the beginning of the season so Steph can play. I think he would have fit in very well into D’Antoni’s fast pace offense, but they seem to be doing alright without him.

For those who think that Steph is going to ruin the locker room, I would not worry about it too much. For some reason, when you come to play for Boston now, it means sacrifice. You check your ego at the door because there are superstars waiting for you inside. Steph knows that this is not his team. It is Paul Pierce’s team. It is Kevin Garnett’s team. It is Ray Allen’s team. Heck, it’s Rajon Rondo’s team. Marbury is coming into a controlled environment that is led by legends in their own right. He understands that if he steps out of line, he will not only be dealing with discipline from Coach Doc Rivers, but also be dealing with discipline from his peers, which is more valued in an athlete’s mind.

Congratulations again, Stephon Marbury. Don’t blow it.


Written by Salami-Cheese

February 28, 2009 at 3:37 pm

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