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Live Game Blog: Monty Habs vs Philly Flyers.

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9:50 pm – alright. this is the end of the live game blog. it was fun. the two drinks in the end for the goal and end of period makes the grand total 29. This was without an consideration for the rules I made up this morning. 29 drinks purely from unwritten rules. Next live blog could be on Monday when the Aves plays the Isles in a battle for John Tavares.

9:49 pm – GOAL SCHNEIDER!! Koivu breaks his stick. turning it into a 3-3 and Kovalev dangles, feeds Schneids. Kovalev is hot. 3 points tonight. Sending him home last week has done wonders.

9:48 pm – Montreal PP = feed Schneider. Montreal has been winning all faceoffs.

9:47 pm – Scottie Upshall penalty. Interference with goaltender? weak call Let the boys play. Drink. 27.

9:45 pm – Flyers almost give the game away to Kostitsyn.

9:40 pm – start of overtime. Very important single point for these two teams. Nitty went back to his original helmet. Why change when he was doing so well with his back up?

9:38 pm – Hero line out for the flyers trying to win the game: Gagne/Richards/Carter. They almost score on a dump in and an aggressive fore check from Gagne. OOOOOVERTTIIIIIIIIMEEE. End of period. Drink (26)

9:35 pm – sorry for the lack of action here. There has not been anything going on in the game except for Nitty has switched to his back up mask. My friend also called to see what was goin on tonight. 1 minute left in the game. Both teams are playing for overtime.

9:27 pm – Matt Carle – Hook. 25.

9:20 pm – Higgins catches Markov out of the box. Markov gets a breakaway and puts out a hilariously terrible shot attempt.

9:17 pm – Markov 2 minutes for hooking. (24) Flyers are 0-7 on the PP tonight.

9:12 pm – Halak has looked very sharp tonight. He has been far more busier than Nitty and has stepped his game up. The game still has good action. The 4th liners are getting more time.

9:10 pm – learning more about my favorite AHL’er. He is from Huntsville, Alabama. His father is the coach for the University of Alabama Huntsville Chargers hockey team, a collegiate team that one of my good friends attended. My buddy, has also been the subject of a lot of internet buzz for being a professional hockey player and part-time rapper.

9:04 pm – start of the period. Drink. (23). 4-4 to open.

9:01 pm – Drumline AGAIN!?!? for Muchmusic’s Friday night movie. Not that I’m going to stay and watch it, but come on!. F’n Drumline?!?!

8:56 pm – TSN talking trade rumors. Keep an open ear for Laracque and Dandenault‘s names. They are saying Tkachuk, Olli Jokinen are rumored to the Habs. Pierre is saying Nicklas Backstrom (MIN) to the Flyers would make sense. Lehtonen also makes sense for the Flyers. On Chris Pronger. “Cup Intoxication” as Dreger calls it would draw Boston or San Jose or New Jersey to try and trade for Pronger. No mention of Laracque or Dandy. So no drinks.

8:52 pm – good thing I didn’t start Huet tonight. Rough start. 5 minutes into the game, Jordy Staal pots one from Gonch and Kunitz. Just as I say that, Kunitz pots his 1st as a Pen from Jordy and Kennedy. I was going to pick up Kunitz for my fantasy team, but I have no room. (F’n Briere and Mueller).

8:49 pm – period 2 review. 13 drinks. finished about a long neck and a half. The product on the ice is very good. I know now why Marc Ecko prefers NHL to the NBA. That being said, I love watching the NBA. Marbury is back baby!! WOOOOO!

8:45 pm – Carter 2 for Slashing. Flyers are now 0-7 on the powerplay. Geeeeeez. Where is Briere when you need him. haha kidding. Briere sucks. 21. End of period. 22. Some pretty good action when the period ends. Should be a really interesting playoff matchup. More penalties are a possibility here.

8:43 pm – I absolutely hate the angle that TSN and other stations go to when a team is on the powerplay. You know the one when the view is about 10 feet above the net? brutal.

8:42 pm – another 5-3 for the Flyers. High sticking on Hamrlik. Drink total up to 20, even without the rules from this morning.

8:39 pm – Greg Stewart penalty. Kind of weak. Lupul embellished it a little bit. I am starting not like to like Lupul. He is a bit of a douche. Great save Halak on Giroux. Not worthy of a drink, but the penalty is. 19

8:37 pm – how nice are the flyers’ jerseys. I like these 3rd jersey options. New jerseys are always a nice way to keep the game interesting. Old Timers may not like it, but hte NHL has to do everything they can to market their game.

8:30 pm – unreal save by Halak off of a 3-2. Richards to the trailer and Halak contorts his body to make a beauty save. Definitely worthy of a drink. 19. I am not even looking out for my specific rules for this game. I know for sure they mentioned Briere’s injury. I should have taken a drink for that. We won’t count it. I’m sure there would have been more drinks for the other rules if TSN started with the game rather than Scotties.

8:28 pm – the goal is under review. Halak actually made the save initially, then the puck went off of Gagne’s boot and went in. No kicking motion. Good goal. Unwritten rule #6: every time the refs review a goal – drink. 18.

8:27 pm – breakaway goal Gagne. MAde a nice defensive play after coming out of the box. Halak stayed with Gagne the whole way, but Gagne was able slide it through his legs (that’s what she said). 17.

8:22 pm – Habs killed the penalty, then Gagne takes a penalty. Drink. Commercial break. 16. Unwritten rule #5: every fight – drink, even if it’s a Markus Naslund fight.

8:18 pm – Roughing penalties each to Lupul and Komisarek. Puck didn’t even drop and they started shoving each other. Prediction: goal Giroux. Drink total up to 15.

8:17 pm – Penalty Lapierre. Drink. Drink total up to 13.

8:11 pm – the pace is so fast in this game. It has not let up at all since the first period. This would make a great playoff series. Coincidentally, this would be the first round match up if the playoffs started today. Unwritten rule #4: whenever there is an unbelievable dangle or save – drink. It didn’t happen yet so far, but when it does, keep note.

8:08 pm – The Habs kill it. Great PK. Good PP from the Flyers too. The same group of 5 stayed out there for the full 2 minutes, including rookie Claude Giroux.

8:06 pm – start of second period. Drink. Philly 2 man advantage. Drink X 2.

7:53 pm1st period review: really good first period after a questionable start with the Tournament of Hearts. Took 9 drinks, which is about a full bottle of Coors. Looking forward to period 2.

7:47 pm – Matt D’Agostini just missed an open net after a brutal give away from the Flyer defense. Fans are letting their team have it. What a game so far. Period over. Unwritten Rule #3: End of Period – Drink

7:43 pm – Holy smokes. Terrible goal for Nitty. Kovalev goal. Kovalev’s writst shot is good, but not that good. Nittymaki has just given up 3 goals in 2 minutes. Just went off his chest, over his head and bounced into the net. The Habs are absolutely buzzing. As bad as Nitty has been so far, the Flyer defense has been shit. Biron might start the second.

7:41 pm – Wow. good save by Nitty, better pass by Metropolit. Spin-o-rama pass in front but was saved. Great game so far. Gagne just banged the pipe, Higgins fails on the wrap around at the other end.

7:39 pm – Goal Kostopolus. Caught Nitty sleeping. Tied 2-2. Drink.

7:38 pm – Goal Plekanec. How good has the Habs’ PP been since the acquisition of Schneider. 8 pp goals in 5 games. Drink. Schnieds didn’t even touch the puck, but gets credit for an assist? Whack.

7:35 pm – uninteresting powerplay. Commetators (Miller and Ferraro) spent more time talking about Glen Metropolit and how he was playing for the Flyers this morning and the Habs tonight. Coburn hooks Markov. Drink.

7:31 pm – my favorite AHL player, Jared Ross, draws a penalty. Drink.

7:30 pm – seconds into the coverage, Gagne missed an open net off of a good passing play. Jaro Halak is in net vs Nittymaki.

7:29 pm – intense end to the curling game. Team Canada won the game literally by millimeters. That’s the metric system. Now let’s get to some puck.

7:24 pm – Mike Richards goal. Drink. Still watching the Scotties.

7:20 pm – a few more rocks to go in the Scotties. How is Canada tied with PEI anyways? I’ve always wondered who represents Canada at these curling events? If Canada is a national team, shouldn’t they dominate these provincial teams? Jennifer Jones is kind of cute.

7:14 pm – 2 minutes for Metropolit for High Sticking. Unwritten rule: every penalty – take a drink.

7:10 pm – TSN is still on the Scotties and we’re going into the last end. I just checked the boxscore and Joffrey Lupul has just scored. Wish I had more to say about it. Anyways, unwritten rule is every goal – take a drink.

7:07 pm – alright, so we’re still here  watching the Scotties. And I am ready to thrown down a drink right now because I am pretty sure that Briere is not in the lineup. Tim Panaccio from Hockeybuzz is reporting that the Flyers don’t have the cap room to free up Briere, even after waiving Ossi and Metro yesterday. F’n Briere has been a thorn in my side this year in terms of my fantasy team.

6:59 – welcome to my first ever live game blog. we’re just about to get started here. TSN is just finishing up their coverage of the Scotties Tournament of Hearts. That’s curling. It is also a great song by The Weakerthans. Tonight I am also testing out the drinking game that I made up this morning while thinking of things to blog about. Tonight I am drinking “cold certified” Coors Light. I have a case of the Coors Light/Canadian Get2Gether pack, so I will be switching from Canadian to Coors all night. I am all digested from dinner and ready to go.


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