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Deadline Trade I Would Like to See pt. 3.

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Toronto Maple Leafs trade Tomas Kaberle to anybody for 1st Round Draft pick and top end prospect.

I don’t care if you are the San Jose Sharks or the Detroit Red Wings or the Bruins or the Caps – anybody can use a puck moving, defensive-defenseman like Tomas Kaberle. Kaberle should be coming back from a hand injury tonight, which is just in time for other teams to see how he has progressed from his injury. Kaberle can man the powerplay and can also kill penalties. And his salary is very good for what he is worth.

I would hate to see him go because he is such an integral part of the team, but the Leafs need to make this move now while the market is scarce. There are not a lot of “selling” teams right now because of the tremendous parity in the league, making the market tiny, which raises Kaberle’s value. Maybe not as high as last year, when the Leafs could have attained Jeff Carter, but they can still get plenty for Kaberle. If Burke plays his cards right (trades this year, drafting right and signing free agents), he can have the Leafs competing in 1-2 years.

One possibility that a friend of mine  suggested to the Fan590’s Game Plan, is Kaberle to the Sabres for Drew Stafford and a 1st. This deal would be awesome for the Leafs, but I don’t know how possible it would be now with Ryan Miller going down. The Sabres might have set their priority on a goalie rather than a defenseman. However, the Sabres could use a defenseman exactly like Kaberle.

If the Bruins miss out on Pronger, they can definitly make a run at Kaberle. If the Flyers miss out on Bouwmeester, they can try their luck again on Kaberle. The Flyers would be an interesting trade partner as they have a very good farm system, including James Van Riemsdyk, who is expendable because of their depth at forward.

In conclusion, any trade including Kaberle is a good one. Kaberle is a good fit for any team and I trust that Brian Burke will only move Kaberle at the right price, making the move beneficial for the Leafs as well.


Written by Salami-Cheese

February 28, 2009 at 5:59 pm

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