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Deadline Trade I Would Like to See pt. 2.

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Phoenix Coyotes trade Olli Jokinen to Columbus for picks and prospects.

Ok Scott Howson, GM of the Columbus BJ’s, listen and listen good. No other team in hockey needs to make the playoffs more than the Blue Jackets. Ok the Coyotes or Leafs may need it more, but you actually have a chance, Scotty. And what is all this business about not wanting to trade your first round pick? If Olli Jokinen comes around and the Coyotes want a first round draft pick, you give it up like smoking during lent. Why? Because Columbus has never made the playoffs and you need a play making, scoring centerman.

And you better act quickly before another team snatches him and you are stuck with paying a first rounder for Nik Antropov.  So what if Jokinen doesn’t have playoff experience, he is still a better option than settling for Antropov. Don’t get me wrong, Antropov is a great player… in the Clarington Men’s League, but I don’t see him fitting in with your forward artillery.

Ride your hot goalie, make a trade for a centerman and let’s see what Rick Nash can do in the playoffs.


Written by Salami-Cheese

February 28, 2009 at 8:16 am

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