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50MC’s NHL Saturday ProLine Preview.

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Washington over Boston (2.1 odds) – Washington is playing better hockey right now and Boston is just coming off a recent slide. Take the 2.10 odds for the Caps to win by 1.

Florida over New Jersey (2.1 odds) – Florida is on the road and they will come out flying. 2.1 odds for Florida to win by 1 is risky, but I’m gonna take it.

Anaheim over Dallas (1.9 odds) – Why isn’t Anaheim better? This in-division game will be tight and Anaheim should give a better effort that their last loss.

NY Rangers over Colorado (1.5 odds) – The Rangers cannot score more than 2 goals a game. They cannot win. Today is going to be the day.

San Jose over MTL (1.6 odds) – Todd McCellan called out Jumbo the other day. I expect San Jose to come out quick and the Habs won in OT last night

Toronto over Ottawa (2.0 odds) – For 2:1 odds, I will take the Leafs. Even though they are on the road, they are arguably playing more inspired hockey than the Sens. Toskala has been on point and Jason Blake has been unreal.

Atlanta over Carolina (2.1 odds) – Never a big fan of Carolina. Thrashers are at home, but that should not matter because nobody goes to games to make a difference.

Buffalo over NY Islanders (1.45 odds) – I would not play this game because the odds are not good enough. Islanders suck and the Sabres are not getting enough of a pay out for a win.

Detroit over Nashville (1.35 odds) – Another game I would not play. Nashville always plays Detroit tough, but how can you bet against Detroit, who is the best team in the league right now.

Phoenix over St Louis (1.70 odds) – Flip a coin. St Louis has 1.80 odds, which is pretty good, but they are on the road. This game has potential to be the best of the night. Two evenly matched teams, both fighting for a playoff spot, with lots of young talent.

Minnesota over Edmonton (2.0 odds) – I like Edmonton, but how can you pass up 2:1 odds in a tight game like this.

For my money, I would take Washington, Minny and Toronto/Ottawa over 5.5 (for 2.0 odds). All the teams I picked are on the road, which I do not like, but I couldn’t pass up the odds. For $5 I will potentially make $42.


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February 28, 2009 at 4:52 pm

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