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Must Read: “5 Reasons Why the NHL is Better Than the NBA”

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Here’s an article that I found compelling from Marc Ecko’s Complex Blog. This is an interesting article because Marc Ecko produces clothes primarily for the hip hop community, which is generally more NBA and way less NHL.

Reason #1:

Alexander Ovechkin is the most exciting athlete in pro sports.

For all its faults, the NBA has never lacked for watchable talent. But if you’ve been steadfastly ignoring the NHL, you’ve been missing out on the most electrifying athlete in sports today. LeBron’s great, Kobe’s cool, but Alexander Ovechkin is must-see TV.

He makes 5 good points that I have been thinking about while watching NBA games. Players are disgustingly over paid and I am seeing so many referees miss simple traveling calls.

Read Full Article.


Written by Salami-Cheese

February 27, 2009 at 4:50 pm

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