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Drinking Game; Possible Live Game Blog.

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Tonight, TSN will be showing the Flyers/Habs game. Should be a good game and possible playoff matchup (somewhere down the road). Tonight also marks the apparent return of Danny (don’t you dare call me Daniel) Briere. So here’s the drinking game:

  • every time TSN mentions it is the return of Briere… go for a drink.
  • every time TSN mentions anything about Laracque or Dandenault wanting to be traded.. go for a drink.
  • if Jeff Carter’s name is recalled from a possible trade last year to the Leafs… take 3 drinks because it’s greater odds.
  • if Danny Briere re-injures his groin or abdomen or whatever – get blackout drunk and try to forget that I traded for Briere in the off-season in my fantasy league.

I will be watching this game closely because I want to see the progress that Briere has made. Due to this reason, I will possibly do my first game blog, live from my couch. I will also be playing my drinking game, so I’ll let you know hte level of drunkenness I reach for this game.


Written by Salami-Cheese

February 27, 2009 at 4:22 pm

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  2. […] That’s curling. It is also a great song by The Weakerthans. Tonight I am also testing out the drinking game that I made up this morning while thinking of things to blog about. Tonight I am drinking “cold certified” Coors […]

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