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if John Tavares was Drafted by the.. Islanders

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As of today, the New York Islanders are the worst team in hockey and thus, are in prime position for landing the first overall position in next year’s NHL Draft. Of course, they do have to endure the dreaded lottery that gave the Tampa Bay Lightning the first overall pick last year when they only had a 6% chance of getting it. Nevertheless, John Tavares is primed to head to the NHL next season and if he were to be drafted by the New York Islanders, they would be a drastically improved team.

John Tavares is a bonifide talent that has the ability to turn a franchise around, especially the Islanders, who already have a solid foundation to build around. Today, the Islanders have two main prospects to build around: Josh Bailey and Kyle Okposo, who are both on the big club and are playing meaningful regular minutes including on the power play. Other young notables playing on in the NHL are Blake Comeau and Jeff Tambellini, who are two former Team Canada World Juniors and are surely to make a difference in the future.

A possible line of Kyle Okposo, Josh Bailey and John Tavares is scary, but likely will not be together right away. Think 2-4 years when they all mature and get knee deep int he NHL game. However, this line has everything. Okposo is the big bodied power forward that has a natural instinct to head to the net, but can also find his team mates, but he must be the goal scorer on this line. Josh Bailey is the center man who can play in all situations, who is already quarterbacking the powerplay. John Tavares is also a centerman, but showed in the World Juniors that he can play the wing and be effective. He wil have to play wing on this line because he has the speed and the snipe. He can also carry the puck, which will be good for Okposo to get in position in front of the net.

However, despite their acquisition of Tavares, this team still needs a season in the shitter to draft high again then begin to compete. After they draft Tavares, they will still be 3 seasons away from the playoffs (because of a very dificult Atlantic Division). They will still be about 7-8 years from competing for the Stanley Cup.


Written by Salami-Cheese

February 24, 2009 at 6:10 pm

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