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To BOO or not to BOO: Mats Sundin

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Tonight, Mats Sundin comes back to Toronto to play against the Maple Leafs for the first time after he left for nothing last spring. Last season, the big Swedish delight was the subject of trade rumors because he was in the final year of his contract and was surely going to retire or sign elsewhere in the off-season. The Leafs had the opportunity to maximize his exit by trading him to a contender for top prospects and top draft picks. However, Sundin did not waive his no-trade clause (NTC), which allowed Sundin to walk at the end of the season.

For this reason, I am booing Sundin. Last season, repeated numerous times that Sundin wanted the best for the organization. The best thing he could have done was to allow other teams to bid for him on the market to maximize the assets that the Leafs could have gotten in return. This would have been the best scenario for the Leafs moving to the future. Had Sundin waived his NTC, Tomas Kaberle and Bryan McCabe were surely to follow, which would have given the Leafs Jeff Carter and 1st round draft selections.

Instead, Sundin walked for nothing. McCabe was traded for virtually nothing. Kaberle is out with a fractured hand and will never reach the value that he was at last spring. And the Leafs will forever be stuck in the shitter.


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February 21, 2009 at 5:24 am

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