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50MC’s HDIC Preview

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Live from Campbellton, New Brunswick… it’s Hockey Day in Canada! Today is CBC’s World Series. They have been preparing for this since last year’s HDIC, and they usually put on a pretty good show, aside from somehow finding space for a Sidney Crosby human interest story. Anyways, the day starts at noon where they are live from a remote hockey village in Toronto. Then at 3 we start with the hockey:

3pm: Les Habitants du Montreal @ Ottawa Senators – I will take the Habs in this game. The Habs have been awful of late, and the Sens have been playing much better hockey, but they still stink. I really do believe that Alex Kovalev got the message and will have an inspiring performance today. Mike Comrie and Chris Campoli make their Ottawa debuts tonight. In other news: will Hilary Duff make her way to Ottawa? Will she get along with Carrie Underwood?

7pm: Canucks @ Maple Leaves – I’m going to go with the Canucks in Overtime. Sundin with the game winner. Final score: 9-8. Wellwood has a four-trick.

10pm: Flamers @ Oilers – After a very forgettable montage of the day’s events with shots from all across Canada celebrating the day, we move to Edmonton, where I am taking the Oil. They need the game more and I’m not a Calgary fan. Hemsky is going to break the single game points record tonight.


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February 21, 2009 at 3:48 pm

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