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Yay or Nay: Bring Back Avery to the Blueshirts

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John Tortarella’s favorite New York sports journalist, Larry Brooks, reported this morning that the New York Rangers are thinking about bringing back Sean Avery. Naturally, this has sparked a raging discussion in the hockey blogosphere.
My take is YAY. Here is why. Avery loves New York. New York loves him. The Rangers love him. The only people that hate him is literally the rest of the league. Since losing Avery and Ryan Hollweg, the Rangers have lost the sand paper that they brought to the team. Aaron Voros did the job for the first 5 games, but has been a ghost since then. They have no presence around the net or a guy who gets under the skin of the opposition. Recently, Scott Gomez has been the guy who has tried to play this role.
With Avery, the Rangers are a statistically better team. He may not put up a lot of goals (something that the Rangers dearly need. Another topic that should be tackled in a few days), but Avery does a job that nobody on the Blueshirts need right now.
I also believe that Sean Avery would not make the same mistake twice. He knows New York is a media hub and does not need to get any attention of reporters. In Dallas, he consciously tried to make news when the Canadian media surrounded him.
The Rangers are also playing the worst hockey of the year. A little shake up by a familiar face wouldn’t hurt. If Glen Sather can put something together that will not cost the Rangers too much, then I say go for it.


Written by Salami-Cheese

February 6, 2009 at 6:12 pm

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