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Asshole of the Week: Stephen A. Smith

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An asshole is a noun. Despite being a physical part of the anatomy, it can also refer to a human being. An asshole can also be encounter at any time of your lifetime; therefore, this segment will be revisited anytime I deem it necessary to point out a figure of that fits this stature.
This week, the asshole I would to recognize is Stephen A. Smith, an NBA insider who works for ESPN.
Recently, Mr. Smith reported that “his sources” told him that Chris Bosh was unhappy in Toronto and was going to opt out of his contract in 2010. Chris Bosh could very well opt out in 2010, but I am unwilling to believe that Smith has sources close to this situation. I am unwilling to believe that Smith has sources at all. I know, as a decent human being, would never want to even talk to Stephen A, let alone give him any inside information that he would claim for himself on national television.
So why is Stephen A. Smith an asshole? Because he is loud, obnoxious, eat too many cheetos and according to Wikipedia, “He is known for creating unsubstantiated rumours involving professional athletes, in order to create publicity for himself.” If that is not an asshole, I don’t know what is.


Written by Salami-Cheese

February 6, 2009 at 7:43 am

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